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Game publisher claims 100% crash rate with Intel CPUs – Alderon Games says company sells defective 13th and 14th gen chips
  • I can tell you my 13700KF could be made to 100% crash on stock motherboard settings on a multicore stress test, at least pre-patch. I manually downclocked it and got it to behave. Post-patch it could meet the spec while staying stable, but the thermals were out of control, so I went back to my manual downclocked setup with stricter power limits.

    The absolute kicker is that on synthetic benchmarks I lose barely 10% performance and gain 20-30 degrees C and 80W of power consumption. In real usage the only reason it's noticeable is my PC doesn't sound like a jet engine. The absurdity of it all.

  • "Star Trek is woke now"
  • True. I was in a genuine rage halfway through Lower Decks season 1 and I'm now actively in "Save Lower Decks" team.

    I do recommend going back in your situation, then, because it really becomes a whole different show. Especially if you did enjoy SNW, the vibe of Season 2 is different but the characters are consistent, so it's a natural jump-in point.

  • "Star Trek is woke now"
  • Hm... had season 5 been better, maybe. Like Discovery it starts with a different tone and then it finds itself, but it unfortunately ends in a bit of a dud. I think seasons 2-4 are good to great, though, it's just never quite as smart as TNG.

    Season 1 is... underrated? It buckles under the pressure of expectations as a revival to kickstart a whole new era, but I think as a movie it would have worked pretty well, honestly. Better than most of the cheap fluff they put in theatres during the TNG movie era.

    But I also think DS9 is overrated. besides the straight-up bad wheelspin-y early episodes, my last rewatch ended when they spent a whole show making O'Brian argue for doing a bit of murder, then doing a bunch of murder himself and then the show being so much in agreement with him that this is taken as a bit of a teachable moment.

    It's been decades and I was still pissed. At least Michael got court martialled.

  • "Star Trek is woke now"
  • Nah. There is a whole omnipotent being with a massive crush on him and Picard treats him like a nuisance he deals with at regular intervals. First thing he did when Q got briefly depowered was put him in the brig.

    Picard knows the Koala is real but he has zero respect for cosmic marsupials in general.

  • "Star Trek is woke now"
  • I haven't gotten past that, to be honest.

    To this day I have a visceral reaction to all the online nerds complaining about NuTrek not being Starfleet enough but having memory holed that DS9 got that exact pushback at the time for honestly way more legitimate reasons.

  • "Star Trek is woke now"
  • I looked it up.

    Horrifying. Dr. Barron, your report describes how rational these people are. Millennia ago, they abandoned their belief in the supernatural. Now you are asking me to sabotage that achievement, to send them back into the dark ages of superstition and ignorance and fear? NO!

    Man was such an atheist I'm mildly surprised he isn't more of a terminally online conservative. He's too pro-choice, though, so I think we're safe.

  • "Star Trek is woke now"
  • And DS9 is the conservative one with all the religion and the baseball and the war crimes and stuff.

    TNG was run by a Frenchman who thought allowing bronze age species to believe in God was a barbaric act and went to bat as a human rights lawyer for an android who in turn let his first child pick their gender at will. All that while his polyamorous first officer was busy arguing against conversion therapy when pushed upon his trans nonbinary partner.

  • How do you download your game on SD OLED?
  • It's good that people have provided workarounds, but it IS kinda nuts that this hasn't been solved yet. It's been an issue since day one, it's not like it makes much sense to leave any version of the Deck with the screen on and full power consumption just so it can download scheduled patches or big games.

  • French election 2024 live: exit poll shows shock win for left-green alliance as far right falls to third
  • There are a good couple of decades of Italian politics that would no align with that.

    Honestly, all that is fairly misinformed and superficial. Cross-checks in politics are hard to design and very susceptible to details. I just don't think we disagree enough on the fundamental (i.e. FPTP with no adjustments is an outright bad system) to be worth getting caught in the weeds. If I'm gonna argue I'd rather spend the time arguing with someone I actually disagree with :)

  • French election 2024 live: exit poll shows shock win for left-green alliance as far right falls to third
  • The US didn't "subvert it", they're just running a pre-alpha version that never worked and was built for entirely different hardware.

    Because ultimately all representative democracy is game design. Democracy isn't majority rule, it's majority rule tempered by a lot of pre-existing agreements and ongoing compromises.

    Very representative systems have a lot of advantadges, but they also have different issues. Coalitions can be hard to sustain, manifestos and programs aren't expected to see implementation. People argue, and they do have a point, that an overly fragmented legislative doesn't represent popular will, since the policy implemented by coalitions necessarily will be mismatched to every option people voted for. It's also true that in extreme cases you end up with systems where people run as an audition to get a job in the ruling coalition, rather than to push an agenda.

    So yeah, ultimately all electoral systems are constantly being gamed by both politicians and voters. That's just how politics work. But within that we can fine tune all these systems for optimal outcomes, and I do think that a legislative that genuinely needs to trade and deal and compromise is going to be more functional and less prone to extremism than direct majoritarian rule, where there are no checks beyond the other powers. I think even a system like the French would be a big improvement for both the US and UK systems, but it's probably only applicable in the UK, where there is already a multiparty system. The US is so entrenched that at this point you probably need a full reinvention of their entire constitution. The thing was always a first draft at best anyway.

  • French election 2024 live: exit poll shows shock win for left-green alliance as far right falls to third
  • This. Democracy isn't broken, FPTP is. Although, as the other comment says, this shows it still being functional in that party alignment substitutes for ranked choice by making it so that candidates the third party can tolerate get endorsed by a retiring third candidate. Less "broken", more "convoluted and ambiguous requiring custom to take over for the design flaws".

  • French election 2024 live: exit poll shows shock win for left-green alliance as far right falls to third
  • For one, EU immigration policy has already hardened significantly and is now being directly catered to Meloni's far right government. You'll notice the far right hasn't stopped bleating about it.

    And the reason for that is that immigration simply cannot be curved effectively without literally solving inequality worldwide. That's why it's such a convenient scapegoat. Xenophobia doesn't need to make sense, and since desperate migrants being smuggled by human traffickers are unresponsive to posturing you can just bang that drum indefinitely.

    So we can either explain this effectively to people (and also help improve the inequality bit) or we can resign ourselves to a fascist government elected by racist useful idiots.

  • Corpse Ranking
  • Netanyahu sees a difference. He's definitely closer to Trump and already got wide concessions from him last time.

    See, the problem with this grift is that this time Trump isn't a hypothetical. We know he broke convention on support for Israel to grant unprecedented leeway to Netanyahu already. As a matter of fact.

  • French election 2024 live: exit poll shows shock win for left-green alliance as far right falls to third
  • I feel like the real lesson is being missed here:

    Do not mess with Mbappé.

  • It isn't worth it
  • Yeah, it's no oracle. But it IS fascinating how well it does language, and how close it sticks to plausible answers. It has uses, like narrowing down fuzzy queries, translation and other looser things that traditional algorithms struggle with.

    It's definitely not a search engine or a calculator, though.

  • Corpse Ranking
  • I'm curious, too, because a living Trump sure can.

  • It isn't worth it
  • Machine learning tech is used in all sorts of data analysis and image refining.

    I get that all this stuff is being sold as a Google search replacement, but a) it is not, and b) it is actually useful, when used correctly.

  • It isn't worth it
  • Who's jumping to human consciousness as a goal? LLMs aren't human consciousness. The original post is demagoguery, but it's not misrepresenting the mechanics. Chatbots already have more to do with your pigeons than with human consciousness.

    I hate that the stupidity about AGI some of these techbros are spouting is being taken at face value by critics of the tech.

  • It isn't worth it
  • I mean, it also made the first image of a black hole, so there's that part.

    I'd also flag that you shouldn't use one of these to do basic sums, but in fairness the corporate shills are so desperate to find a sellable application that they've been pushing that sort of use super hard, so on that one I blame them.

  • why do pharmacies have these signs with whacky animations?
  • I mean, the lit-up signs are for visibility. In some countries pharmacies are assigned strict working hours by the government, so it's useful to see at a glance if a pharmacy is currently open without having to walk right up to the door (and night shifts may require ringing a bell in some of them, so that's also helpful to convey that they are in fact open).

    The fancy animations are just because when signs went from neon-lit to LEDs it turned out not all pharmacists have good design sensibilities. At least as far as I can tell.