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I mean it.
  • Doctors and teachers don't have a culture of lying to protect each other from imposing state sanctioned violence. (police have the term "testilying")

    Cops have a unique place in society that makes the consiquences of the lack of self-policing even worse.

    The military is an interesting one and a pretty decent comparison. It's worth acknowledging that a decent number consider all of the military to be complicit in bad stuff. There is at least a bit more accountability but there are plenty of cases where people have suffered massively for trying to whistle blow. I'd say the military is better than police tho

  • Waste of gas
  • Ugly truth is that new people don't have the job security to just not come int the office despite being told to. I'm guilty of this.

    I've been at my job for over 4 years as a senior level engineer. They've tried to tell me to come into the office so many times but all of us collectively go "nah". I go in for about 4 hours a week even tho they expect me to be in like 2 or 3 days a week.

    It's kind of like drug tests. The company has policies cause they need to be compliant with federal laws but they know they'd lose people who can't be readily replaced if they ever actually did tests. They can't afford to shake that tree