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Fluffy Tails Lover on a quest to find the Softest Tail that has ever existed

Please bare in mind that unless I directly say otherwise, no images I post are made by me -they usually stem from years old Phone storage

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Falling on Softness~



I always got a Soft Spot for stories like these

Link to the Tweet:




Around a Bend
  • God damnit. Fooled again by AI crap. Deleted it. Thank you for telling us!

  • Fluffy Bean Bag



    Found this Nifty Wooden Oldtimer Model while looking for Art!

    Seems like its a DIY typa tjing you can build yourself together, pretty neat if you ask me!

    For those interested


    Wolf and Cat~


    πŸ•Ή πŸ“Ί Discussion Thread for Week 23 (03.06.2024 - 09.06.2024) 🍽 πŸ‘•
  • Only watched Style and Food theory again. Pretty good and interesting Videos, especially the AI one, that one did give me quite a bit of hope which is lovely

  • NSFW
    Huff the Fluff~
  • Dunso!

  • πŸ•Ή πŸ“Ί Discussion Thread for Week 22 (27.05.2024 - 02.06.2024) 🍽 πŸ‘•
  • I really really gotta get better at uploading these.... this ones from 2 weeks ago.... was just too busy and just kinda forgot to post the thread....

  • Seibu 2000 series serving the Seibu Ikebukuro line as an express train
  • Not too sure if this counts as a tram tho. Maybe more of a [email protected] typa thing?

  • oc+doodle
  • Oh wow this is dome great art! Really good stuff!

  • What theory you personally wanna see be made one day?
  • I myself would still love to one day have a Style and Food Theory collab where both Fitness and Diet Debunking would happen. Not only would it be really beneficial for a lot of people considering how many myths about Fitness and Food are going around, but it would also be a super fun as I think both Amy and Santi have great chemistry together!

  • πŸ•Ή πŸ“Ί Discussion Thread for Week 21 (20.05.2024 - 26.05.2024) 🍽 πŸ‘•
  • I liked the Style and Film theory this week a lot! Though Food theory to me atleast has been in a bit of a slump as of recent. I guess thier videos have been just too short to really explore thier topics properly as of recent. Not my cuppa tea.... and then we have this weeks Game Theory... kinda made me cringe when I saw it...

    And yeah I totally didnt forget to post this Thread... definetly not...

  • (by Jun)
  • Soft floof....

  • (by Jun)
  • Would floof her~

  • Blissful Momiji
  • Super comfy~

  • Kikyou (by Ataruman)
  • Wait, is she a cat?

  • Peak Tram, newer model, Hong Kong
  • My god what a pretty picture!

  • Would the people of be interested in a Blue Archive Community?
  • Hm the first one seems more than dead, presumably not modded nowadays... and the second one doesn't seem to load for me? Perhaps that one is defederated from my Instance.

    Would probably be overall better for a new fresh start, especially on an Instance that fits it more right?

  • Would the people of be interested in a Blue Archive Community?
  • Well, its very "😭😭😭" if you get what I mean....

  • Choose your kbity
  • I lowkey always adore cute ribbon scarfs~