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Is there anything on tv that isnt sex and violence
    • Our Flag Means Death

    • The Totally Made Up Adventures of Dick Turpin

    • Decline and Fall

    • The Gentlemen (the series, not the film)

    That should keep you busy for a while

    Edit - How could someone downvote Our Flag Means Death?!?!? :(

  • periodic tablets
  • Right, please tell me. Is this just a meme thing or do people actually knock on other people's doors to try to convert them to their religion?

    And does this only happen, bizarrely, in the country with the highest number of gun-owning cowards?

    It just seems such an odd combination

  • Do you prefer the headphone jack to be at the top or at the bottom on a phone, and why?
  • I can understand why people use a jack though. I'm partially deaf and even I can hear the difference in sound quality in BT Vs jack. The upper midrange distortion on BT is extremely bad. I'm sure the vast majority of audiophiles who aren't deaf are even more averse to Bluetooth

  • fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves...
  • One of the most common mistakes is assuming that political opponents are ignorant talking about politics. Unless you're in a position to actually change something, all you're doing is causing arguments and friction

  • What is something the world would be better without?
  • Shit like this -

    "I think the world would be better without (insert idea)"

    "Oh my god but what about (insert unbelievably niche reason why not)? Won't someone think of the incredibly niche exception?!?!?"

    On every fuckin comment on Lemmy. You're not improving the world guys, you're making it insufferable

  • Is there a way on android to stop multiple notifications from the same person?

    Hi. [Send]. What I mean is. [Send]. Insufferable cunts who use. [Send]. Like it's a fuckin. [Send]. Return key. [Send]. 😡. Is there a way to get a single notification for a conversation, be it WhatsApp, text or whatever, then silence notifications until the window-licking shitbag stops pressing [Send]? 😅

    26 Frenchman handed jail sentence after wife finds him sexually assaulting a chicken

    A Frenchman has been given a three-month suspended prison sentence after he was caught red-handed and no doubt red-faced by his wife as he sexually assaulted one of his chickens.

    21 Carrefour pulls PepsiCo products in four EU countries over price hikes

    Stores in France, Italy, Spain and Belgium will no longer stock PepsiCo drinks, Lay’s and Doritos crisps and Quaker cereals

    Carrefour pulls PepsiCo products in four EU countries over price hikes

    For context, Carrefour is one of Europe's largest retailers. And French; they take no shit


    If so-called AI is basically just Large Language Models, how come predictive text on my phone is bollock-useless?

    Like if I type "I have two appl.." for example, often it will suggest "apple" singular instead of plural. Just a small example, but it is really bad at predicting which variant of a word should come after the previous


    Is there a good, paid gps app? I mean for driving and walking? Google Maps etc is getting worse by the day

    I use Komoot for wild walking and biking, and it's incredible. Hugely more accurate and reliable. Just wondering if there's something like that for city and intercity travel. Thanks for suggestions!


    Just been asked by my thesaurus app if I'd like to upgrade to premium, which unlocks British spellings

    Fuckin raging here. Enraged, frenzied, raging, vehement, livid, violent, frantic, desperate, incensed, fierce, frenetic, bent, beside oneself, boiling, crazed, demented, fit to be tied, infuriated, insane, irrational, maniac, rabid, unreasonable, up in arms, vicious, wrathful, bent out of shape, browned off, bummed out, fuming, hacked, hopping mad, maddened, on the warpath, smoking, steamed