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Duality of life
  • And sometimes hobbies are left too but then gotta take a break

  • How to opt out of the privacy nightmare that comes with new Hondas
  • I have no experience about more complex infotainment aftermarket systems but if it can connect to android and add functionality that way they not obsolete as fast. But pretty much all tech nowdays has planned obsolescence which sucks

  • How to opt out of the privacy nightmare that comes with new Hondas
  • We were talking about old cars with high likelyhood of DIN size standard radios.

    But you are not wrong, car manuafacturets started to make uniquely shaped radios and later infotainment systems that you pretty much can't install aftermarket ones, and having all controls in the single unit is dumb, and touch screens are even dumber, i never want that to my car. I love my buttons!

  • How to opt out of the privacy nightmare that comes with new Hondas
  • And if you want connectivity or infotainment you can just install an aftermarket system, still not anywhere as near invasive as new cars integrated ones

  • What privacy friendly app/service/stuff makes your life simpler?
  • Bitwarden, Aegis, Syncthing are probably the most impactful

  • Any good device comparison site with information about alternative ROMs?
  • Pixel 4a models do have headphone jack if you don't need the newest models, unfortunately no sd card slot still

  • Any good device comparison site with information about alternative ROMs?
  • Don't know that kind of site but i would bet Google Pixel phones have one of the best support from custom roms including Lineage, Murena, Calyx, Graphene and whatnot

  • As a first time Linux user pretty much what should I use for gaming.
  • Can confirm, after distro hoppong through Mint, Pop!_OS, Fedora and Nobara, Nobara has been the most straight forward and least problems. And KDE has and will have better support for stuff like VRR and HDR coming soon and even a joystick calibration builtin

  • WebCord now has seamless audio share for Discord.
  • For me it makes the sink for stream audio but wires my mic to it instead of the app or desktop audio, gotta rewire manually. After that it works

  • WebCord now has seamless audio share for Discord.
  • On wayland (KDE Plasma) it's not as seamless. For me it creates two sinks, one of which is voice channel and other is the stream audio stream. It wires my mic to both automatically and i have to manually wire the app audio to stream audio sink. So it does work with extra steps. I use qpwgraph for wiring.

  • WebCord now has seamless audio share for Discord.
  • And Vencord has a desktop client "Vesktop" which works like Webcord, with audio in stream too. No presence detection but notifications have worked for me

  • Visual client side chunk generation
  • If the client generated chunks are not sent to server then this doesn't make sense to me. You can't do anything on these fake chunks and server still lags.

    I would look for other solutions to make generating chunks faster

  • Visual client side chunk generation
  • I don't think it's possible to generate server chunks on client live, this would make it vulnerable to different kinds of attacks and exploits.

    Best way to do this would be pre-generating the world or some server side pre-generation mod

  • What are some things you can/should cheap out on?
  • Better make a backup of those pics sooner than later

  • What is the best style electrical outlet?
  • There are appliances with only live wire switch? If that is the case it's horrible design, should always cut live and neutral for European reversible plugs

  • What is the best style electrical outlet?
  • With single phase AC there is no polarity, when you plug something in you don't need to know which plug is live, it will work either way.

  • What were your favorite Minecraft mods in 2023?
  • What kind of bugs have you encountered, 'cause i haven't had a single bug that was related to Bobby. Also Bobby looks way better and shaders just work with Iris

  • rate my skyscraper
  • Its good, not "wow" good but still. Good pallette, nice detailing and it looks like a skyscraper

  • How do you deal with high adrenaline situation afterwards?

    I should be asleep but can't due to being in a high adrenaline situation (escalated roadrage, not fighting) couple hours ago. Was my first time in such situation so any tips for dealing with high adrenaline situations afterwards?


    Why does everyone like Create?

    I never found create interesting and it's very tedious and it's in almost every single 1.16+ modpack. I just never understood why seemingly everyone likes it so i would like to hear your opinions

    Edit: Wish for good progression based modpacks for newer minecraft versions without Create, maybe thats my "beef" with the mod