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Scarlett Johansson denied OpenAI the right to use her voice. They used it anyway.
  • To add to this, Scarlett Johansson took on Disney and they settled. And Disney is like the final boss of litigious companies (either them or Nintendo). If she has the same legal team for this, and they think she has a case against OpenAI, this could open the door for OpenAI to get rightfully clobbered for their tech-bro ignoring of copyright laws.

  • Americans have now spent all $2.1 trillion of their pandemic savings, San Francisco Fed says
  • Yes, if this is regarding the stimulus checks, then wouldn't it all having been spent be good? Yeah, we spent it, we stimulated the economy during a time when the government decided it needed stimulation. Unless the conversation is about the economy needing more stimulation and that giving stimulus money to consumers works better than tax cuts for the wealthy, because the working class actually put the stimulus into circulation rather than hoarding it.

  • [News] GuliKit will be releasing their Hall Effect Joystick upgrade for the OLED deck this month
  • Does anyone know of Gullikit is still doing the thing where their joysticks have the square active zone as opposed to round like the stock sticks? I bought a set for my LCD SteamDeck a bit over a year ago, and after learning about the square active zone causing issues for some, I haven't bothered to install them.

  • I'm the new mod here... Apparently
  • Yeah, I made a comment or two on the first post months ago and just realized today I have mod privileges as well now. Glad there are apparently enough new mods that I won't feel bad not being able to set aside a bunch of time for it.

  • FCC explicitly prohibits fast lanes, closing possible net neutrality loophole
  • My T-Mobile plan still throttles YouTube (and some other video streaming sites) to prevent HD video playback unless I buy a HD video day pass or upgrade my unlimited plan to an even more unlimited plan. I don't mind too much on my phone, since on a small screen 480p is mostly good enough, but I frequently use a VPN on my tablet to bypass the throttle since depending on the content, 480p can look pretty rough on the larger screen.

  • OSM knows where my solar panels are
  • Did you self-install the solar or could the company that did the install (or one of their installers) have added it? Also, I know it sounds crazy, but have you checked Bing maps? It's been years since I did much with OSM, but I do recall one of the easier OSM editing tools using Bing maps due to licensing reasons, and sometimes their aerial/satellite view is more up to date in sone areas than Google.

  • [Game] Fallout 4 Loses Graphical Options on Steam Deck From "Next-Gen" Update
  • I think launchers are allowed, they just have to be usable with controller input. Hitman 3 is verified, and still shows a launcher on Deck, but when launched on Deck the launcher shows and accepts gamepad navigation.

  • Spotify CEO Daniel Ek surprised by how much laying off 1,500 employees negatively affected the streaming giant’s operations
  • One of the companies I frequently have to call for work gives a high volume of calls due to the storm systems moving across the United States. They added it like a year or so ago when California had all that flooding and the east coast had a couple of hurricanes. But it's still on there as an excuse.

  • Home Assistant things you'd miss now; what is a great little thing HA does for you, I'll start.
  • I work night shift and use blackout curtains and earplugs to improve my sleep during the day. Rather than cranking the volume on my alarm so it's loud enough to consistently wake me up, I use Home Assistant to turn on some smart bulbs as my alarm. When I started, and even now if I have to be up extra early, I also have an audible alarm set to go off a few minutes after the lights come on - just in case the light doesn't wake me up, but at this point my brain has gotten used to waking up to the lights, and I usually wake up and turn off the other alarm before it goes off.

    Another useful automation for me is I have a buggy Samsung PC monitor that has all sorts of annoying issues; like not consistently waking from deep sleep which requires a hard power cycle to correct, and when it is asleep there's some weird high pitched whine that beeps when the standby light flashes. I use a couple of smart plugs with power monitoring and monitor my PCs power draw to turn the power to my monitor on and off at the wall depending on if the PC is on.

  • KDE Plasma 6.0.4 Is Out to Improve Plasma Wayland, System Monitor, and More - 9to5Linux
  • Mine is that the "fake session restore" hasn't landed yet (it will in 6.1) so the half-dozen konsole and dolphin windows I tend to leave open between reboots don't re-open after rebooting under Wayland.

    The reason it's called "fake session restore" is that the Wayland session restore protocol isn't finalized, so as a temporary workaround Plasma on Wayland will re-launch the applications and leave it up to the individual programs to restore their last state.

  • Biden fund gets big donation from son of billionaire Republican megadonor Larry Ellison
  • Also the possibility that the son knows his dad is a dick, and knows one of the best ways to stick it to his old man is to donate some of his own nepo-baby money to something that is in direct opposition to his dad's donations.

  • More older Americans delaying retirement, returning to workforce
  • Not to deny any of the very real economic reasons for this (everything from low wages, pensions being replaced by 401Ks, etc) but it's also important to remember that the babyboomer generation was the largest ever generation until millennials claimed that record, so any statistic that looks primarily at raw numbers as opposed to percentages is going to be higher simply because there are more people.

  • Axios: Biden told Netanyahu U.S. won't support an Israeli counterattack on Iran
  • I'm not saying he wouldn't be pro-Israel, but considering how much his words say one thing on the campaign trail, and his actions are generally just whatever he thinks will benefit him the most in the moment, it wouldn't surprise me if Iran could sway him into looking the other way.

  • Mail, mail, mail...
  • When I was a kid and an adult gave me a message to relay to another adult, I would repeat the message out loud over and over on my way to the person I was supposed to deliver the message to. Usually the recipient would hear the message before I "told them" because they heard me repeating it as I approached.

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