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What would you do if you were on an underground train, when suddenly the train shook, you passed through a portal, and the next thing you knew your carriage was lying in an unknown new world?
  • I'd seriously worry about not having immunity to whatever diseases exist in that world, and the people of that new world not having immunity to whatever I might be carrying from my world.

    Probably try and figure what the skills of the other survivors on the train to assemble a team with the goal of survival and information gathering.

  • [DISC] Chainsaw Man chapter 170
  • Holy crap, this chapter got me laughing at first from how he was telling Denji to eat sushi properly and Denji gobbled it down to spite him... And when Nayuta showed up I couldn't breathe for a few seconds. I shouldn't be surprised since Fujimoto is a cruel man, and his characters always suffer psychological trauma but I didn't see that coming at all.

    10/10 chapter and now I need to cool my head with some cute puppy videos on YouTube.

  • Worst is UTC vs GMT
  • The Year: 2092

    The Problem: Timezones are annoying

    The Solution: Space mirrors! A series of mirrors in space would rotate to keep the entire planet under a single time zone. A perfect global time system is born!

    Sounds like a great idea! With the best of intentions. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Chainsaw Man chapter 169

    Denji is completely out of it, and Fami just enjoying herself.

    [DISC] Chainsaw Man chapter 166
  • Denji being Denji, Asa being Asa, and then when he realised he won't be getting sex today, he breaks down in a moment of self awareness and self loathing, and Yoru being Yoru. Perfect writing.

  • [DISC] Chainsaw Man chapter 165
  • I called it, Katana Man is getting development... Didn't expect it to go there, but it makes sense considering his upbringing. I expect him to fully let go of his hatred and become friends with Denji properly. He will probably help him out when Fami reveals her game and prevent her from eating Denji or something...

  • What are your best intrusive ads ideas?
  • I remember having a conversation with a former friend a while ago, and he, as a guy who worked for a certain company that makes most of its revenue from delivering ads, spoke about requiring use of front facing camera and using eye tracking technology to ensure you're actually watching the ads and not going somewhere else while the ads play. If you aren't looking at the ad, it will play another ad afterwards.

    He spoke about it as something he is looking forward to, since it would increase revenue. Pretty sure he was pitching this idea to his boss hoping to get a promotion.

  • Any predictions about Power's return as the Blood Devil?

    We know devils reincarnate after they die. I was thinking that maybe the new Blood Devil would not recognise Denji at first, but Nyāko would trigger these memories... No idea if Nyāko is alive though.

    I really look forward to Power's return.

    Any thoughts?


    RuriDragon is back!


    Season 2, Episode 16

    Holy crap this episode was insane. I have read the manga, so the story didn't surprise me, but I think they managed to take everything I loved about these fights and push it beyond every expectation I had (and I had high expectations for this episode).


    If you've got thermal paste on the CPU or on the socket, there is a very easy solution.

    I accidentally got some thermal paste on the CPU pins and on the socket when I removed the cooler and it pulled the CPU with it (this only happens with PGA sockets, never with LGA sockets), I spent hours trying to clean it with alcohol and a soft brush, but it didn't work so well.

    I got a contact cleaning spray and it cleaned it in seconds.

    Reddit MrFunnyMoustache

    Am I crazy, or Infinity still works for me?

    I wasn't expecting it to work, but I didn't uninstall the app just in case Reddit backtracks or something. I checked and my front-page loads like normal. Does that mean that Reddit gave up? I didn't pay infinity at all...

    Fanfiction: Writings about existing franchises MrFunnyMoustache

    Share a fic that you have reread multiple times, and why you'd recommend it

    It can be either ongoing, or completed.

    I'll start: Zenith of Stars AO3, FFN by Yuesya/XxZuiliu.

    This is a Jujutsu Kaisen fic, and the protagonist has the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception from the Nasuverse. I enjoyed it because it was incredibly well written, and has a good balance between character dynamics, action, and clan politics. Highly recommended.