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Ah, memories...
  • One that's bad in your location it lasts longer, so you have time to get past that and decide to get under so those swinging lights and buckling walls don't land on you.

    Otherwise, as a kid you might as well enjoy the thrill. Even if later on you discover lots of people died innearby towns. (1971 Sylmar quake earthquake, I lived 50 miles away.)

  • jpg rule
  • In the years since this joke first floated out into the tubes of the internet, Florida has gotten specifically worse for trans people, to the point that your thought would be quite plausible.

  • Respect your local wildlife
  • Since they're just outside your home, you make a hole in the wall and build a nest box inside it. Eggs get laid in there. When hatching day nears, you toss food over the wall to tempt mom off the nest for a minute. As soon as she steps away, you slam down a portcullis and take over childcare on your side of the wall. Later you and your goose tribe raise the portcullis and march forth together.

    Of course, it could fail disastrously.

  • Respect your local wildlife
  • Can't be bribed? What if you could get a clutch of goose eggs to imprint on you? Then you'd be part of the family and invincible with your goose army! You could go goose-stepping across the continent!

  • Anon loves pickles
  • Agreed! I hated the flavor of the prep mix too, next time I may try pickle juice.

    Followed by lots and lots of clear or not-red hydrating fluids, to keep your brain working. Personally I like DripDrops mixed with a little extra plain water.

  • I just hit Cancel by accident AGAIN.

    My muscle memory is having a stupidly hard time shifting from Reddit to Lemmy, so I keep typing out comments I've put careful thought into, and at the last minute hitting the Cancel button!


    How do I go back to being myself?

    Ever since LemmyWorld went down in the hacking, I haven't been able to log in using the account I created there. I do the login thing, and the little pop-up says "Logged In" but I'm not. I can't see my Subscribed feed, I can't comment or post. And I couldn't ask this question! I also couldn't start fresh because I only have one email, and it knew that. So I came over to shitjustworks which graciously allowed me to create this profile without an email address. I guess it's okay, I can work on resubscribing to stuff under this name, neither one is my old Reddit name anyway, but I would prefer going back to my other account or at least knowing what happened...? In case it happens again?