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Trump’s ‘secretary of retribution’ has a ‘target list’ of 350 people he wants arrested
  • Imagine reading this and thinking, "well I did my best" ... against THE RISE OF FASCISM, and thinking the guy pointing out the nonchalance in the face of everyone getting fucked is the bad guy.

    You are part of the problem. Stop blaming the messengers.

  • High suspense
  • Not in all situations are people totally choosing to do this kind of stuff, and often not for the risk but an interesting dsstination. We don't really have the means to safely get everywhere, yet. Even driving on normal roads isn't without some lethal risk.

  • 70%
  • Exactly, it's a responsibility.

    ... So why are you giving the DNC a pass on choking at the plate, repeatedly?

    Note: No one has said to not vote blue. This is a discussion about increasing voter turnout, not blaming people for not wanting to engage with a broken system.

  • Is this NOT about 'saving democracy'?!
  • No, I didn't say, "do the same thing"

    I said "actually DO something with the same room that has ALREADY BEEN MADE". I made zero suggestions on specifics, so if you insist they're the same, you are just proving how uncreative and stupid you are by insisting someone with power cannot do good things.

    The fact you repeatedly choose to misinterpret what I have already explained several times tells me you are a complete moron not actually engaging in the discussion.

    Keep being an ignorant fuck as to how the real world works. You clearly are vested in your ignorance. Sad.

    People CAN do good things with power. The fact you disagree with that basic truth... is just pathetic.

  • [MrLovenstein] Relatable little buddy
  • I find that highly reductive, as much of the experience I've learned from was either in the process of success, or while merely screwing around, where "mistake" has no meaning without an objective.

  • It's not even close
  • Hey! I can still throw 30lbs around for an hour just fine! ... I just happen to weigh a lot more than that as an adult.

    Similar to why kids appear to be made of rubber. Not only are they literally more flexible, but a kid running in to a wall has a LOT less energy than an adult plowing in to it. That energy difference has to come from effort.

    To go the same speed, adults quite literally have to use a shitload more energy.

  • Is this NOT about 'saving democracy'?!
  • While you're sitting on your moral high ground, evil people are winning.

    That makes you worse than a bystander. You're DECIDING to help the horrible people, actively, while knowing they're horrible.

    That makes you a useful idiot. Stop being a useful idiot. This is the real world. It doesn't matter who is most correct in an ideal world when the world is full of terrible people doing terrible things. Either stop them, or don't.

    Whining about how unfair things are is EXACTLY NOT stopping them. Do better.

  • Is this NOT about 'saving democracy'?!
  • and what if his one "dictator" act were to remove that ruling?

    Again, you are tiny brained and stupid if you think undue power weilded for good things is bad.

    By your logic, ANY and ALL Gods are all evil, absolutely and unquestioningly. That's ... just really, really stupid.

  • Christian communities face growing political divide as religious affiliation declines
  • There are billions of Christians... and most of them are on the dumber side of humanity.

    Remember, there are billions MORE of non-Christians. I spoke of actual things Christians ACTUALLY DO, ... and your defense is, "butbut there are a lot of them!" Yes. There IS a lot of morons in the world. You have proven nothing except that you want to biased for Christians.