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Dark mode’s bright future: How dark mode will transform Wikipedia’s accessibility
  • Yeah, Dark Reader is a godsend. I just got tired of all the light mode webpages and took matters into my own hands.

  • Genshin Impact voice actors criticize design of new character named after African deity: 'If you're going to use real-world deities, respect them'
  • In a world where historical figures are repeatedly represented in media with the wrong ethnicity, that VA's complaint seems like irony.

    But seriously: if Genshin really aimed at accuracy, they'd have to portray the character as some old guy, which is totally contrary to the tone of the other characters in the game: youthful, cool-looking, modern.

  • NewPipe outage over: version 0.27.1 restores YouTube playback
  • I'm a user of the fork "NewPipe Sponsorblock", and so far I received no update.

  • Steam announces game recording beta
  • They discuss performance in the FAQ section of this article.

  • TorrentGalaxy Goes Offline With Mysterious Message to Users
  • I read it too fast that I thought TorrentFreak was down. 😅

  • X is about to start hiding all likes
  • I'm not saying it's a literal witch hunt. Never heard of metaphors and figures of speech?

    And just shouting "your opinions suck!" and running away is hardly productive to a healthy discussion. If you have any counter-arguments to the topic at hand (the individual "likes" being hidden on Twitter/X), feel free to present them.

  • X is about to start hiding all likes
  • I think people with ridiculous views should not have an issue with being ridiculed for those views.

    You're under no obligation to agree with another person point of view. But, if you're presenting your arguments in good faith, you should be prepared to listen to the person you disagree with in good faith also. If you immediately disregard what others have to say just because you think it's "too ridiculous to consider", or throw the ad hominem starter pack: bigot, nazi, far-right, trumper, etc, then you're just insulating yourself in a bubble in the best case scenario, or showing you don't have the capability to articulate your argument effectively in the worst case scenario.

    It really feels like you're the immature bunch, trying to hide who you are because you're too fragile to own up to it if it's being scrutinized.

    It's not a matter of trying to hide anything for the sake of it. It's just that some people use the free availability of a user's previous posts/likes as a shortcut for "whataboutisms". You may disagree with other posts I made, but what is being discussed here is the reasonableness of individual "likes" being public or not.

    I think the crude scrutiny of a persons past posts to be, in many cases, dishonored. The person being scrutinized may have changed their views since then, specially when the post is years-old.

  • X is about to start hiding all likes
  • If you disagree, you're free to offer your counter-arguments.

  • X is about to start hiding all likes
  • You have just proved right there why current internet users in general don't have the maturity to have likes publicly visible. The urge to do a witch hunt is just too irresistible.

  • X is about to start hiding all likes
  • She said she regrets not having publicized her opinions on this subject earlier, so if her likes wouldn't have exposed her, her subsequent retweets certainly would.

  • X is about to start hiding all likes
  • When cancel culture was not on full throttle, maybe likes being public made more sense. If only the global like count is the more widely known metric, hiding who liked what is not too significant of a change. It's not something totally out of the ordinary either, considering most contries' electoral systems guarantee the individual votes are kept secret.

  • Israel committing genocide in Gaza, new study concludes – Middle East Monitor
  • It's a well-known fact that the Earth is round and I can show you evidence with about two seconds of Googling.

    You established that a well-known fact like the Earth being round is easy to prove in mere seconds by Googling. I did exactly what you suggested and the search results are plentiful with links in the first page confirming that there's a left-leaning bias in USA universities. In the suggested images they even list survey results showing most students lean left.

  • Israel committing genocide in Gaza, new study concludes – Middle East Monitor
  • The fact is so well-known that a simple Google search gives multiples articles confirming it. You suggested this criteria yourself. 🤔

  • Israeli military rescues four hostages alive from Gaza, including Noa Argamani
  • Maybe what I said was too harsh, sorry. It's just what seems the logical conclusion in the following sense:

    1. The Hamas and its militants are Gazans themselves.
    2. They have an ideology stipulating that self-sacrifice is a good thing if the cause is holy.
    3. Such ideology comes from the religious upbringing that apply to most Gazans (even those not affiliated to Hamas)
    4. So, in accordance with their beliefs, they see no problem using their own citizens as sacrifices for their goal of destroying Israel.

    I'm not saying everyone from Gaza will happily throw away their lives for such a "holy cause". I'm just saying that there are those who believe this and would commit self-sacrifice, and in my view, it's an act of devaluing their own lives.

    This would be unthinkable in the western countries, because of the christian values spread across its population that dictates self-sacrifice/suicide is a sin.

  • Israeli military rescues four hostages alive from Gaza, including Noa Argamani
  • In the end of the day, it's the law of the strongest. It's no accident that Israel hoard a lot of weapons of war and build defensive systems like the Iron Dome. It's a show of power for a very simple goal: deterrence. I don't think Israel really though of using all their weapons, but just having them makes every one the enemy nations that surround them to think twice before attacking them. Well, Hamas did not think twice. And they cannot say they didn't saw it coming.

    Israel accepting a ceasefire deal would be nice for saving lives and all, but would leave them vulnerable for future missile attacks from Hamas. A nation will always think of its own citizens first. Maybe the Hamas already counted with this reaction of Israel, and though that other Arab countries would form a coalition to fight Israel simultaneously. Well, it didn't pan out. Deterrence worked after all.

  • Israeli military rescues four hostages alive from Gaza, including Noa Argamani
  • So, the ideal solution for you is a return to the status quo, but with the Hamas getting away with it. Plus a bonus: multiple prisoners released just for returning the hostages to their homes, from where they should never have been kidnapped from in the first place. And, the cherry in top, the Hamas still having the capability of launching missiles whenever it pleases. What a great deal! (for the Hamas only, of course)

  • Israel committing genocide in Gaza, new study concludes – Middle East Monitor
  • Okay, if a Google search will make you believe me, here goes:

    Does USA university students and faculty have a left-leaning bias?

    Most search results confirm what I said. And remember: this is not an exact science, but a subjective assessment. Certainly there are university students that didn't notice that bias because their institution was more politically neutral, or said person was not enrolled in humanities courses so the political activism was not very close to their day-to-day lives. But, in general, the bias is real and is only getting more intense as political polarization is on the rise globally.

  • Israeli military rescues four hostages alive from Gaza, including Noa Argamani
  • If Israel really wanted the destruction of all Gazans, they'd not send their soldiers to a prolonged war. They'd rather send their own missiles and everything would be destroyed in seconds. They have that capability, but they didn't use it. If it's really a genocide as you suggest, it's the dumbest one of all time, because they're risking their soldiers when they can attack safely and decisively from a distance.

  • Israeli military rescues four hostages alive from Gaza, including Noa Argamani
  • Dictionary definition: "the deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group."