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Kota Ibushi Says That He's Still Rehabbing His Ankle Injury
  • I wonder if there is a way to fix this in the shortest amount of time! I wonder if there is a way to fix this in the shortest amount of time.

    Bro stop, you're gonna be held up by studs and bolts if you keep going like that.

  • SquaredCircle’s Weekly Pro-Wrestling Discussion Thread! (June 9th 2024) (Spoilers) (Also 🎈 Happy Birthday 🎉 To Us!)
  • It's such a nonsensical point too, some of the best wrestling I've seen is in Stardom and TJPW, which have crowds in the thousands and no tv deals in the US. If ratings meant anything other than "old people watch this" there would be a very different breakdown there.

  • [Fightful Select] Update on Jeff Hardy-AEW
  • I wonder if Copeland joining was a factor at all in Matt leaving or nah.

    You'd hope all this time later they'd be fine but who knows.

    Either way the Hardys are in no state to run it back against E&C

  • Pros / cons of riding a bike?
  • Ikr, I live in the Netherlands and not only do i not wear a helmet myself but I've seen dutch people ride with no hands, holding an umbrella and a phone, with bikebags full of groceries, in the rain, without a helmet.

    That shit is close to a circus act, istg.

  • Let’s Skip The Dragon Age: The Veilguard Vs. Baldur’s Gate 3 Comparisons, Yeah?
  • Game journalism is a marketing tool. When pieces come out preemptively defending a product (any product) from some specific criticism, it's because the company is both confident that those criticisms will be levied, and that they won't shake out favourably.

    That's it, that's the whole reasoning.

    They know they won't come out looking in any way comparable in terms of scope, quality, etc, and they're putting their hands forward through their connections with the press, hoping at least some people will buy this obvious attempt at ass covering and refrain from publicly criticising their product.

  • Nao Kakuta will be graduating from wrestling in July

    Can't imagine this was the plan 3 months ago when she won her first title and immediately had to drop it.

    Let me be the first to say: FUUUUUUUU-


    Repurposing an Animus Heart

    Way back at the beginning of my figuring out home automation, I bought a Animus Heart.

    It's ok but it's extremely limited and the UI is terribly sluggish and unwieldy, so I'd like to replace the OS with Home Assistant instead.

    I have reason (my router recognising it as a such when it crashed) to believe that on the inside it's just a Raspberry Pi with some added bells and whistles.

    Has anyone tried this? Is this feasible?


    [Spoilers] Tokyo Princess Cup 10 Retrospective

    The 10th annual Tokyo Princess Cup tournament is over, momentous occasion for a lot of reasons, and a genuinely great performance in the final. Share your thoughts here.

    Do you watch TJPW? Why or why not?

    Who did you hope was going to win? Who did you expect was going to?