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Subject: Participating in Reddit’s Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • Fair Enough. Investing is tricky. On the one hand you might earn some money. On the other you are financing those that are working directly against humanities best interests.

    It's lose lose.

    I think it should fail, so it will succeed.

    Like slavery and diamonds. Horrific yet they make money

  • Subject: Participating in Reddit’s Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • Bit shit it's for US residents only.

    I'd like a chance to get on the ground floor of reddit. Yup it's a shit cesspool. But So is the American stock market. It will pump. I'd like some of that cash.

    Morals be damned. I can morally sit in the dirt. Spend nothing on fossil fuels and have zero impact on the planet.

    Sock of missing out because I have a shred of decency. Fuck em

  • 700 Ubisoft workers strike in France over failed salary negotiations
  • You could try the demo on GeForce now this weekend. That's where I played it.

    Was not aaaa

    Did not look like a 2024 game.

    Might be fun and sure I'll buy 80% off.

    Bit of 50% playerbase does that. No way that they stay afloat

  • 700 Ubisoft workers strike in France over failed salary negotiations
  • Yeah but their stock is tanking. Just released a game that's been in the works for 7 years that's shit.

    Claimed it's aaaa which is just wank and people will refuse to buy their products.

    They have negative media attention from yanking online games.

    Bad sakes from ac games.

    They are a big company and I think they are about to be a lot smaller

  • Android security

    Quick question. I bought a phone and it's locked. Factory reset but requires the previous owners google to unlock. It's an insurance sale. I have asked the seller to update me on any info but haven't had a reply.

    Is the phone a very expensive brick ?.


    Eternity running shite

    Anyone else having a really hard time using eternity. Might won't load. Comments won't send. Everything hangs. Is it because server is overloaded or is it something else.

    Pretty much unusable at the moment.

    Had to force close program twice just to get to eternity to post.



    Is there any motivation techniques. We did soooo many gherkins last year. I find myself actively leaving the gherkins out of meals. Even though I used to buy them from shops and have them everyday.

    I have 5 or 6 large jars in the pantry but I just can't seem to get through them. Was it the process that put me off. Hundreds of cucumbers to wash slice and then can.


    What do we think. Under or overwatering this jalapeno

    So this is a year old jalapeno plant. Has been inside over winter. It's currently in some coir mix. It's just struggling along. At this point it's just an experiment as all other seeds grew massively, gave hundreds of chilli's and didn't survive winter outside.

    It's in an undraining pot that might be an issue. It seems to grow strong leaves then go yellow wither and die. It's currently summer here but temps range from 30c to 0c. So it's in the house and gets about 6 -8 hours light when we get sun. I put it outside to get as much sun as possible when it's hot out.

    Just playing around to see how I go.

    Disregard the seedlings. They are capsicums I'm just getting ready to plant. Was easy to chuck them In. They are a few days old


    Jalapeno plant.

    About 1 year old. I've left it in pot and just watched it. The rest of the seeds were grown last year and didn't survive the winter. I did overwinter and put frost cloth over them but clearly it didn't work.

    Maybe too big a pot. I water every so often and just have it fertilizer.



    Currently 3 valheim subs. All with very little to zero content. Maybe an idea to merge


    Double dachshund


    Finally I succeeded

    After many moons and many houseplants. I've managed to keep one alive long enough to get a baby snek.

    Just need to watch how I water it.


    FUCK !

    That is all


    Fuck yeah. Just found this sub

    Just casually came across this. We are getting chickens next week. Never had them before. So anything I should know going in ?


    Anyway to get Firefox search bar as main search on pixel phones

    My Google search isn't working correctly. I can use a widget but then I have two search bars.

    Any ideas


    Solar for all Release: Doubling rooftop solar to reduce bills & emissions

    Release: Doubling rooftop solar to reduce bills & emissions

    Release: Doubling rooftop solar to reduce bills & emissions

    This is a fantastic initiative. Hopefully all parties subscribe to this.

    It's win win for all involved. Only power companies would be against this.

    Marijuana Enthusiasts! Mojojojo1993

    My cottonwood poplar tree

    Just to reintegrate back into this wonderful community.


    Kiwis taking control of their Kai Te Pāti Māori's fresh new policy seeks to take control from big supermarkets

    In her hometown, Hauraki-Waikato candidate for Te Pāti Māori, Hana-Rawhiti Clarke-Maipi launched her party's latest policy seeking to give Māori more autonomy over food from 'seed to the dinner table'.

    Te Pāti Māori's fresh new policy seeks to take control from big supermarkets

    Open to suggestions on title. App wouldn't provide

    What do we think of this ?

    I'd say considering we produce for 40 million (at last count) This is objectively false. We produce for profit. Simple as that. We the population subsidize these corporations to use the land as they please. We then get left with what's left over.

    Give us the means and we can produce for ourselves. Not hard to grow zucchini. Literally throw seeds in some ground and they sprout up.

    Need land and resources and can stop relying on supermarkets.

    Obviously plenty of caveats on that way of thinking. However current system isn't fit for purpose. Several individuals get obscenely wealthy while we create health inequalities. Governments are meant to be for the people. Currently that is not the case


    Unhappy Nepenthes (Diana)

    Posted on the houseplants sub and got some great advice.

    Will change up it's watering routine and give it some more sunlight. Hopefully have it up and happy in no time. Thanks y'all


    DRS numbers dropped

    I didn't see this In earnings


    Info on Ashlands progress

    3 Supermarket crime increases by nearly 60% over past year, report shows

    Data from 300 Pak'nSave, New World and Four Square stores in the North Island shows retail crime has increased by 59% in a year.

    Supermarket crime increases by nearly 60% over past year, report shows

    Almost like the cost of living is unachievable for those on the lowest wages.