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Tesla’s in its flop era
  • Every other EV I know has instant boot up, Volvo/polestar, Hyundai, rivian etc. I was under the impression this was pretty Universal for EVs. A huge amount of current model year cars in a similar price range also have remote keyless control functionality, even ICE cars.

  • People who generalize as if the US is one government instead of one big inept government and then 50+ governments that have districts and counties and cities are aggravatingly ignorant and smug.
  • I can appreciate that some states are better than others, in a similar manner to being able to appreciate that some EU countries are better than others. I've visited the USA and so I've seen first hand the good and the bad.

    It doesn't change the fact that globally, you are represented by your federal government and not your local state ones. As an Australian I might expect a foreigner to know our Prime Minister but never a state premier.

    From overseas we just see a lot of the insane shit. Politically, the whole world is interested your federal elections because that is what has a chance to affect us. I don't care who the governor of a state is really because they aren't going to be able to declare some insane war or fuck over or save entire countries.

    Even when we see state x legalizes y or outlaws z it just blurs together from out here. Much easier to see your own state doing good things when you're inside it.

    And yeah, USA doesn't get enough credit for craft beer!

  • Mouse recommendations, anyone?
  • I have to disagree with the G502. I have the Lightspeed and had a serious double clicking issue within a year. I use an MX master at work and bought another for home and am very happy with that.

  • NSFW
    Remember, they'd rather kill you than lose out on profit
  • Some locations in Australia already had controls in place, such as requiring integrated water delivery systems and on tool dust extraction. PPE was a legal requirement on top of that. With all that it must have been decided it was still too dangerous, so I support the decision.

  • Why does this happen and how to prevent it?
  • Looks like pretty classic underextrusion. Have you measured the filament diameter to see if it's exactly 1.75mm? Even 0.1mm is enough to start causing problems. It's prusament so should be good but worth looking! I can see underextrusion problems in more than just the problematic pillar, so worth playing with retraction and perhaps increasing temperature.

  • Physics Revelation Could Mean We're All Living in a Simulation
  • Sounds like some dude came up with this 'second law of infodynamics' and then plucked out a bunch of examples that support his own law as if that somehow backed anything up at all. Didn't read the paper itself but the article doesn't do a very good job.

  • Advice needed, son wants to learn how to program
  • There's a lot out there for Arduino which is a great platform for learning. Arduino is a microcontroller you can use to read button inputs and control LEDs, all the way up to controlling robots and all sorts of things. It's pretty hands on compared to a lot of pure software stuff and is often sold in starter kits for kids learning. Worth looking into!

  • How cities can stem the tide of pedestrian deaths from large cars and SUVs – Ars Technica
  • Yep, the manufacturers get massive tax breaks on this class of vehicle, which means they can make and sell them at the same or better price than a small, fuel efficient car. If a family with kids has to choose between a mid size crossover or an F150 at similar price points, why would you get the crossover? The USA needs to fix the way it taxes cars to disincentivise these fuel inefficient giant cars. No other country has these problems so it's not a selfish person problem, it's an entirely logical choice to make given the circumstances.

  • How the heck did we get here? Most best selling "cars" are now superzied pickups and SUVs.
  • A huge chunk of it is because the USA has a huge tax incentive for car manufacturers to make bigger cars. When fuel efficiency standards started coming in, trucks were exempted because farmers needed their trucks for farm work, it's a loophole that encourages the manufacturers to build bigger vehicles to avoid these taxes. These massive vehicles are unusually cheap in the USA. If these loopholes regarding fuel efficiency were closed out people would be financially incentivised to buy smaller cars. Unfortunately, money talks. People aren't all selfish, they're just doing what makes sense for them.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • I can't tell if you're being serious or not. I'd love to see you take it to anywhere!

    I assumed you were being serious about it, and if you are, you need to do a lot more work to prove any of your theorems. It might make sense in your mind but a lot of the effort in academia is translating it to paper for others to understand. You can invent new conventions for your equations but they need to explain what is going on.

    Wrapping "1/x = x/1" in a drawing of a Möbius strip doesn't make 1/x = x/1 unless you tell us what the Möbius strip means.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Most of your other posts look sane so idk what to make of this. To be honest, this is complete nonsense scribbled on a wall. Nothing you have written is mathematical at all. I'm not at all qualified to make any kind of judgement on this but my first thought was schizophrenia. You should consider seeing a doctor.