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A broken man, obsessed with 500 year old Mexican culture.

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Rare white bison sighted in Yellowstone evokes Native American prophecy
  • Oklahoma is going to get wrecked by another tornado that will be so bad that the tornado measuring system will have to be updated, again.

  • Texas Secessionsts win GOP backing for independence vote: 'Major step'
  • Texas lost the right to secede in The Civil War.

  • Never forget what they took from us...
  • This is a respectable pursuit.

  • Anon watches a vtuber
  • Living in the future is weird.

  • Making friends [Field Explores]
  • I'm almost 40, can't I just have a juice box?

  • Aztec gold
  • European executions could be excessively cruel. Being burned alive, drowned, stoning, crucifixion, being eaten alive by rats escaping hot coals, or being locked in a cage to die from exposure is on the same level as having one's heart cut out or being shot with arrows. Europeans would impale men on pikes and the Tenochca would rack skulls, apples to oranges but it's all the same fruit.

  • Aztec gold
  • I think the nation/tribe that were the Spanish collaborators you're referring to was Tlaxcala which were the target of habitual Flower Wars for captuered warrior sacrifice. The pleas of the Tenochca, the residents of Tenochtitlan, fell on deaf ears to the only other major power in the region the Purépecha Empire.

    While Aztecs valued human sacrifice to a great extent it was due to the benefits it's bestowed in Mixtec-Pueblo culture. It was a source of not only spiritual reverence, but also military and economic superiority. It also had non domestic function as a diplomatic tool to visiting nobles and bounty haulers / tax collectors. Not to mention it served as a form of community entertainment in a similar fashion to European public executions.

    As far as saying Europeans tried to slow down to make the Americas a vassal state is a misconception. Disease wiped out an apocalyptic amount of people. Following the fall of Tenochtitlan small pox ravaged the Valley of Mexico and all along the Gulf Coast. This nearly wiped out all infrastructure and Spain tried to subjugate the rest. Hilariously trying to impose a 30% tax written in Spanish and using that as a legal justification for military actions.

  • Aztec gold
  • You had me going for a second.

  • Aztec gold
  • Aztecs didn't value gold all that much. If they put through the effort to smuggle anything it would have been cacao seeds or quetzal feathers.

  • Texas asks people to avoid using their cars
  • I'm from Texas, this isn't feasible. If you need to get from anywhere to any place else you're driving there. Depending on where you are busses may be hit or miss & may not even be an option. Pretty happy to live in a place now where I haven't needed to drive for years.

  • it's why I'm here
  • I'm using the Boost app for Lemmy which has a one time fee to disable all ads. If you're sticking around it may be worth the investment if you're avoiding temptation. Stay sober my dude.

  • Cano - The Lactation of Saint Bernard (1645-1652)
  • This is why Art History is entertaining.

  • Origin Story
  • I do know that they were sacrificed as part of burial rituals. The dogs were believed to help souls cross a river in their journey through Mictlan.

  • Origin Story
  • Modern day chihuahuas are thought to be descended from the now extict techichi dog which were bred for livestock and ritual purposes.

  • What do you spend most of your time on lemmy doing?
  • Scrolling through "New" since I'm an information junkie.

  • You get to choose one super power you see on fictional media, What do you choose ?
  • I want a Save and Load feature for myself in regards to reality.

  • Sorry you were lied to by a shitty 90s thriller movie rule
  • I like both. I got two framed pictures of archaeopteryx.

  • Boost for reddit has now truly 100% died. Hello Lemmy!
  • We got authentic weirdos unlike them Reddit fake bot weirdos.

  • What kind of jelly do you use for your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?

    I'm going to make the acceptable answers broad so jam, preserves, etc are all acceptable. I'm a fig jam or apple butter man myself.