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Do you know any singleplayer games that are infinitely replayable?
  • Yeah what the other guy said, modpacks and give FTB academy a start. Generally the mods add a shitload of new content (like lots more ores). Better automation and electricity is, imo, the best stuff added, and there's tons of that. I find the magic and adventure mods don't quite work as well. My biggest tip for modded mc is: Spread out! Make big ass bases and rooms, you'll love the space.

    After that it's your call what's next. A kitchen sink pack is one that sorta rams in a ton of mods with no theme and it's fun! FTB infinity was a lot of fun, or FTB Ultimate re whatever too.

    There's StoneBlock which is the opposite of Skyblock which was a different style

    Create: Above and Beyond is my favorite. It is hard though and requires that you understand the Create mod.

    By the way you'll find that Create is the best mod. It's really fucking well done and no other mod really comes close in quality. Gears and belts!

    Anyways here's some old creations of mine:

    Big bridge that runs off trees and wheat

    Storage room (before I got the ME computer block)

    Create wheat farm in the snow

    This last pack I played was all about big multi block structures to process ore, so it became a sprawling base

  • Fkin finally
  • Got it the other day myself. Was a particularly insane 3 missions we did, just constant explosions and death all around. With a lvl 106 too. I'm sure Helldive is gonna be ez pz!

  • What did your parents refrigerate? Mine refrigerated bread.
  • I love hitting these threads a few hours late

    "The sickos were FREEZING bread! UPDATE: I have since seen the error of my ways and apologized to my parents and thrown all bread I own into the freezer, and discarded any notion of leaving bread out"

  • After Initial Success, Helldiver’s 2 Has Lost 90% Of Its Players With No Signs Of Recovery
  • I think they ended up slowing their release pace, which was sort of absurdly fast. Which I think is great? I'd rather see more meaningful, occasional updates. The kind that would bring folks back to play it until they complete said content.

  • Yum yum grass

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