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N'wah rule
  • Undertale isn't a masterpiece. The moral of the game is that children who are beaten shouldn't fight back. The mother figure everyone fawns over is an abuser who beats up a child for trying to leave her. The game is only popular because its target audience are adults who were abused as kids and want an excuse to slip back into that mindset and be told their trauma reactions are justified.

  • Restrictions on Transgender Health Care Slipped into Senate's Must-Pass Defense Bill
  • I didn't do that, the DNC did that. I may be the ally of the DNC today, but my affections are fickle. I will aid the DNC when and only when it suits my goals. One day I will call Biden a corrupt fascist puppet, and the next I will defend him from the same accusations. The difference is that I will attack him when there's a chance to get someone better on the blue side of the vote, and I'll defend him when the candidates are set and he's the only one who can defeat Trump. It is all a utilitarian calculation to me. I am not so privileged as to bring feelings into my decision about who to vote for. There are more important things at stake than how I feel.

  • Restrictions on Transgender Health Care Slipped into Senate's Must-Pass Defense Bill
  • Oh they certainly have the right to vote for fascism. And I have the right to call them assholes about it. That's the democratic process in action. Democracy isn't when your fascist ideas are never challenged, that's fascism.

  • Okay, let's try this again
  • I dunno but those all sound like solvable problems and I think latine enbies will do great at solving them as long as latine binaries listen to them instead of calling the enbies anglos.

  • Restrictions on Transgender Health Care Slipped into Senate's Must-Pass Defense Bill
  • And people wonder why so many gender non-conforming folks are refusing to vote for Biden.

    I don't wonder that, because we're not refusing to vote for Biden. Except for the suicidal trans doomers who are willing to throw their lives away making a political statement. Which is absolutely tragic, but also fuck them for risking all our lives too.

  • Steam allowing curators to promote homophobia.
  • "insane" is a slur against mentally ill people. The person calling a leftist insane for advocating equality is the fascist. The person telling a fascist to fuck off is an antifascist. Though I'm sure you "antifa are the real fascists" people disagree.

  • Political Memes MindTraveller

    I'm Donald Trump, and I'm your king!


    Biden is still trying to stop a Donald Trump presidency. How dare he! He can't do that, he's OLD! Biden says he 'screwed up' debate but vows to stay in race

    Speculation is swirling around whether the president will continue his re-election bid after last week's disastrous debate.

    Biden says he 'screwed up' debate but vows to stay in race

    /uj Welcome to Non-Voters, a parody sub designed to make fun of centrist liberals who pretend to be leftists. Remember to /uj any serious leftist opinions.


    Biden isn't doing enough to fight fascism. Let's teach him a lesson by also not fighting fascism! Biden Campaign Brushes Off Idea of Reforming the Supreme Court

    Biden surrogates brushed off questions about reining in the court, while emphasizing the gravity of a second Trump term.

    Biden Campaign Brushes Off Idea of Reforming the Supreme Court

    /uj This is a satire community. Remember to keep serious leftist comments tagged /uj, and liberal nonvoter wankery untagged.


    [satire][CW] Here's how you can tell trans people to commit suicide without seeming like a transphobe

    /uj Welcome to Non-Voters, this is a parody community of people who advocate abstaining from elections. We are trans-run and are entirely against trans genocide and the political apathy that enables it. Remember to /uj any serious trans-accepting comments.


    I'm tired of fighting fascism, let's give up and let the fascists win instead

    /uj Welcome to Non-Voters! We're a parody sub making fun of the people on Lemmy lately who've been criticising Biden to try and get Trump elected while claiming to be the only real leftists. If you're new here, I recommend reading the sidebar, and remember: No genuine leftism (unless tagged /uj)

    Political Memes MindTraveller

    Here, I translated it from Troll into English for you


    c/[email protected] is full of transphobic trolls

    The community c/[email protected] states in the sidebar it's a community for leftists and post leftists, but if you actually look at the posts the mods are making, it's almost nothing but trolling and telling people not to vote in the general election.

    This rhetoric is especially dangerous to trans people, who this instance is supposed to be a safe space for, and West Bank Palestinians. If the USA elects a fascist president, there is guaranteed to be multiple genocides of society's most vulnerable groups, in addition to what the US is already doing in Gaza.

    The mods on Liberty Hub openly troll their users and ban people for advocating left wing or harm reducing positions. The only action that is allowed on the sub is advocating political inaction in the face of genocide, taking a centrist position with regards to open fascism.

    This community has absolutely no place on Blahaj Zone and should be removed by the admins.


    Thanks for teaching us how the kids with alcoholic fathers felt Mr Resetti

    Remembering how if you didn't realise the full stop was part of what he wanted you to say, he'd just yell at you over and over and over again


    "We don't have gods where I come from," said Twoflower.

    "You do, you know," said The Lady. "Everyone has gods. You just don't think they're gods."

    \- Terry Pratchett


    Episode 4 assassinated Obi-Wan's character

    Episode 4 did Obi-Wan Kenobi completely dirty. In the first three movies and The Clone Wars, we see that he's an honourable, compassionate, brave person. He killed Darth Vader and left him for dead. By all rights, he should have continued to fight for the rebellion instead of moving to a desert and being alone for 20 years.

    You expect me to believe after being a general in the Clone Wars and defeating multiple Sith, Obi Wan proceeded to do absolutely nothing while the emperor oppressed everyone? As soon as he heard Darth Vader was still alive, he should have hopped on his ship and gone to kill Anakin! The version we see in A New Hope is an old loser hiding from his own mistakes in the desert.

    Obi Wan is supposed to be determined, a warrior, someone who always accomplishes what he sets out to do. Not a coward! I grew up with the original trilogy, and these new movies completely ruined my childhood. Why did George Lucas feel the need to crap all over us Obi-Wan fans who loved his original three Star Wars movies? And all in the name of sUbVeRtInG eXpEcTaTiOnS


    This is a joke about The Last Jedi.


    Giuseppe Stromboli

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    > I 100% support this new Harry Potter


    How do I schedule a steam download manually?

    There's this game I'm trying to download, and it's big enough that it's going to take several days of continuous downloading to get. I have about half of it so far. I want it to download during my scheduled auto update hours, and pause in the morning when I wake up. Sounds simple, right?

    Problem is, it won't. I can either drag it to "up next", in which case it downloads immediately, or I can drag it to "unscheduled", in which case it won't download at all, even if I leave my PC on all night. I can't click and drag it into the scheduled category. How do I get it in there so it'll download when I'm asleep, but won't hog the pre-bedtime bandwidth?



    (Seizing the state and then slowly reforming it is still slowly reforming it)


    Steven Universe is grimdark

    Alright, just started watching Steven Universe. I'm 4 episodes in. That poor boy. All he wants is to be part of a family, and all three of the crystal gems are horrible mentors. Pearl likes to think of herself as responsible, but she cannot relate to Steven and is utterly failing to provide a system of structure that he can understand. Amethyst gets along with him, but she acts like she's the same age as him and can't provide him any of the guidance a kid needs. And Garnet is barely even trying. Greg is the best mentor figure Steven has in his life, and he's homeless with no future. At least he's actually taught Steven to have a positive outlook, but he's still not parent material.

    That poor boy is getting wrapped up in big ideas of how he's going to save the day and have the perfect family, because the reality of his life is unbearable. I saw this show on the TV a few times when I was a kid and it bummed me out, but now that I'm a grownup I can see how traumatised that boy is and how badly he needs a responsible parental figure who can relate to him. All of the adults in his life suck! Watching this show is miserable, because I'm watching a kid who desperately needs a family be failed by the family he has.

    I like traditionally grimdark settings like Warhammer 40k, but watching Steven Universe gives me the same feeling I imagine non-grimdark-fans must feel seeing a setting like 40k. Overbearing, unrelenting misery. It all sucks and it isn't getting better. On occasion 40k describes the life of civilians in that setting, how oppressed and abused they are by the fascist governments they live under. The fun of seeing evil soldiers who chose a life of violence killing each other fades away. Suddenly, we're seeing the perspective of the innocent. Their suffering. It's depressing and heartbreaking in the same way SU is.