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Milksteaks [he/him]
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Biden-Harris Administration Announces Additional $7.7 Billion in Approved Student Debt Relief for 160,000 Borrowees
  • On fear of getting downvoted even being associated with you, I dont see anything wrong with your message. Everyone saying Biden cant do anything because his hands are tied or because congress are wrong. It's like they never heard of an executive order before. Or he could simply accept there's a genocide happening and support the ICJ and ICC just like Germany who said they'd help execute the warrants. Withholding funding and arms and possible economic sanctions would be another route

    I think it's good to be critical of the actions of the party in power no matter who. I know Trump is worse for the US middle east and the world in general but there's no reason we shouldnt be making Joe sweat to try and get him to do the right thing.

  • Biden’s vanishing red line: White House silent as top UN court orders Israel to halt Rafah attack
  • I hate this whole fuckin debacle. Biden saying theres a red line if israel attacks Rafah. Israel attacks Rafah and biden backpedals and equivocates with israel. ICC and ICJ say theres a genocide happening and puts out warrants for crimes against humanity on netanyahu and Hamas leaders. Yet Biden says there's no genocide happening despite his hard stance on rules based order which hes mentioned quite a few times

    I get that Israel is the US's only ally in the middle east but ffs how can you still supply them with weapons after watching these atrocities take place. Also it's certainly unpopular and is losing him votes in swing states, if the uncommitted votes during the primaries is any indicator not even to mention the polling. I guess I'm just flabbergasted how poorly this is being handled and am worried this is a Trump presidency speed run

  • America’s premier pronatalists on having ‘tons of kids’ to save the world: ‘There are going to be countries of old people starving to death’
  • Oh wait I got this, how about the bit about the oldest child taking care of the younger ones. They get to grow up fast and spend their precious time being an unpaid babysitter instead of actually being a kid pretty much ruining their childhood.

    Or how about the bit where the parents deliberately have so many kids gambling one will get rich and take care of them when their old. These natalists are delusional and I actually know a few irl that have said or done these and frankly its fuckin disgusting to me

  • Pressure canning food
  • Check out [email protected] if you're interested. I posted on there last year and will this year as well.

    You're right definitely right about it being uncommon and underrated. Also pretty tine consuming when you're making large batches. Theres about a week during and at the end of harvest where its constant canning

  • Prestidigitation shenanigans
  • Great for making a guard think he shit his britches so he leaves his post with either the soiling or smell. Also for trolling your fellow adventurers in the same manner. At least that's what my group mainly used it for

  • Get rid of landlords...
  • Yeah lot of bootlickers here. Being a landlord means exploiting people's basic human need for shelter to pad your pockets and taking houses off the market to increase demand.

    Fuck that guy up there acting likes hes doing his tenants a favor renting at market rate while he builds 3 houses worth of equity. Parasites every one

  • 7 Days to Die is leaving Early Access
  • Not sure why it's getting so much hate. Sure it's been in early access forever, but if you look at the progress they've made since conception its come a long way. Also they didnt just abandon it likes countless other games when they could've easily made it a cashgrab.

    Vanilla is kinda ass still I will admit. The only real way to play it is with overhaul mods which take the game to a new level, and adds so much qol, replayability and general balancing. I'd highly recommend darkness falls, or undead legacy overhauls through 7dtd modlauncher. There are plenty of other overhauls but those are the highest quality imo

  • 1 of 4 (2 types) tomatoes are looking haggard.
  • That tomato looks kinda thirsty to me. The leaves tend to curl inwards in an attempt to preserve moisture. Also tomatoes generally need slightly acidic soil depending on the type. Good luck and keep us updated!

  • Somebody do something. Somebody?
  • I love how the top 3 comments were basically syndicalism. Direct action by unions whether strikes or sabotage, with the goal to bring the means of production and economy into social ownership.

  • 50,000 "Uninstructed" Wisconsin Voters Send Biden Clear Message to End Genocide
  • If I was Biden I'd be shittin my britches right about now. He only won WI by 20k votes in 2020. This along with Michigans 100k uncommitted votes could see another Trump presidency. If he doesnt stop sending arms and aid to Israel and start sanctioning them instead swing states are most likely going Trump

  • Dryest assed sandwich with some scraps of leftover meat


    Catan board made on cnc

    The softwood kind of fuzzed out but otherwise everything turned out pretty good after a solid sanding. I used oak for the wood tiles, birch for the sheep and wheat, and ash for the ore with various stains for each


    Wasabi bleping

    Blurry Pictures of Cats Milksteaks [he/him]

    Blurry picture of a (meer)cat


    Canning haul from this year

    Pictured is stewed tomato, salsa, spaghet sauce, tomato juice, marinara, ketchup, pickles, cranberries, gooseberry jam and ancient peaches from years gone. All sourced from a pretty modest sized garden. Not shown is sauerkraut and frozen corn !