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Opinion: Why Biden's new border plan is a terrible idea
  • Because ‘fixing’ immigration isn’t a thing we can honestly do, outside of these hard line closed border moves.

    Reagan borked it up with the war on drugs. Empowering gangs/militias/contras, causing pervasive and persistent violence that drives displacement of the locals in South America. Before then, the US experienced seasonal migration via a “porous border” - as it wasn’t really a challenge to cross, and enforcement was lax stateside of green cards/paperwork, there was significant seasonal migration that would cycle into the US, work hard and live cheap for a few months, and return to their families.

    Hardening the border and documentation requirements killed that “loopback”. Initially migrants shifted to immigration and would stay in the US as primary domicile, taking long trips back to their family. But with the growing violence in the south, it makes more sense to bring your family to the US.

    We absolutely need overhaul, but there’s so many fingers, voting groups, and special interests in this pie…

  • 20% of the fleet go brrrr
  • Look, Pytor is a loyal IT worker who carefully photoshops the jets out of all the Google Earth images - are you implying his work is futile?

    Stealth fighter + stealth photo = perfect stealth, checkmate NATO

  • ‘No way out without bloodshed’: the right believe the US is under threat and are mobilizing
  • Or for a more recent events, Syria. I enjoy following modern history and geopolitics, but fuck me that is a mess of proxy forces, non-state actors, and local warlords.

    If it pops off, somebody on the world stage is going to co-opt and prolong any US civil war/sectarianism to keep the US broken or distracted with a prolonged insurgency and COIN. Russia is already working to highlight any existing and/or astroturf internal division, and we’re seeing right now how effective proxies can be at causing an enemy to hurt itself in its confusion.

    Iran knew that Oct7 would demand a firm response from Israeli civic and political society, and Netanyahu/the government fell for the trap. See also, 9/11.

  • civil rights history
  • This is one of my favorite pieces of protest/aspirational art. It takes two symbols that were created as nationalistic icons of parallel ethnic identify and struggle, co-opting them whilst respecting and corrupting each:

    • Handala is shown unclamping his hands from behind his back, in embrace of the Jewish icon…
    • Srulik who is humbled and an equal to Handala, as opposed to his normally wry, powerful and competent characterization. He is effaced as well, with both aligned looking towards a shared future.
  • Netanyahu and Putin are both waiting for Trump
  • Can’t the administration deny Netanyahu a visa/entry?

    Like, yes there will be political cost to this, but letting him grandstand propaganda in the house is also going to cost politically. Which would be worse? Especially when there’s an ICJ arrest warrant potentially dropping soon - “we want to avoid a potential international incident regarding the Israeli PM” plays better imo than headlines like “King Bibi lauded by Congress, garnering more US support and friendship” whilst the MAGAs get/give handshake photo opportunities

  • Trump supporters call for riots and violent retribution after verdict
  • Agreed, and it’s not like they’d need a ‘clean sweep’ either. The fait accompli may be loudly derided by the ‘clean’ fashy actors in office, but that immediately changes the play on the field if an IED or lucky gunman murders a justices or a few senators, and now there’s a void.

    Look at how they dragged out RBGs replacement until the next election, or that traitor prick Tuberville filibustered DoD leadership confirmations for months. They may not order the goons around but they know their role in the conspiracy

  • Trump supporters call for riots and violent retribution after verdict
  • A pistol, and/or one with an oversized magazine that is so long, it protrudes out of the bottom of the pistol’s normal grip.

    The Glock 33 round magazine is the archetype because it’s so large and obnoxious, but it applies to any magazine that has an extension to make it hold more shots

  • Riding in style
  • And the wheels. I get the homage nod to the past, but that big shiny hubcap is a huge tell that isn’t offered on the non-police models.

    Murdered out police insignia and shorty antennas only go so far when you floating on that chrome

  • Amazon, Walmart, and Target finally realize their colossal pricing mistake—now they’re slashing costs to win back customers
  • Yes, but once you progress beyond demand elasticity and possibility frontiers, you learn about how externalities and marketing distort the tidy micro/macroeconomic theories.

    “Perfect information” and “rational self interest” are the two biggest inbuilt crutches to economic theory, and capitalism evolves its profit-taking modalities daily. If marketing can convince consumers that an objectively inferior brand is equal or better to the competition, then the price inelasticity raises dramatically

  • Keep it up Two Scoops! That report will be a doozy!
  • While I earnestly support Trump getting everything he deserves, Rikers needs SERIOUS reform and honestly probably to be torn down.

    Thousands of people are held at Rikers for months before ever seeing a judge or being arraigned, because cash bail keeps them locked up, and overloaded courts keep them there for longer

  • Israel won’t end war for deal to free all hostages, PM’s aide said to tell families
  • Or maybe, here’s a thought: You stop reacting capriciously, and asses the situation to make an informed decision for shoot/no-shoot. Retreat to safety and investigate. Israel likes to flout their ‘world class’ ISR and HUMINT capabilities and superior and accurate weapons, but then keeps making “tragic mistakes” that kill civilians, reporters, and aid workers. Hamas et al are definitely not respecting the laws of war, but that’s not license to turn neighborhoods into free-fire zones.

    Of course that requires the forces involved respecting civilian life and showing restraint.

  • Israel won’t end war for deal to free all hostages, PM’s aide said to tell families
  • because when that law is broken, it turns civilians into targets

    Have you absolutely no shame? Or are you naïvely trying to sound authoritative? Unlawful combatants existing in an area, does not mean that civilians are greenlight for deliberate targeting.

    Nor does it excuse the atrocious and callous 1:10,1:20,1:100 ‘acceptable collateral damage’ Hamas:Civilian ratio the IDF has self assigned and modified up and down based on international outcry.

    for every junior Hamas operative that Lavender marked, it was permissible to kill up to 15 or 20 civilians… in the event that the target was a senior Hamas official with the rank of battalion or brigade commander, the army on several occasions authorized the killing of more than 100 civilians in the assassination of a single commander

  • Biden pledges to name progressives to the Supreme Court, suggesting he expects vacancies
  • It would at least (in theory) kick the politicization of judges to the circuit level and promote the same borderline majority opinions there instead - but make accession to SCotUS a supermajority. Hopefully then the only ones they can agree on are outstanding jurists.

    Or if it does fall prey to partisan agendas, then it makes the ideological bent of SCotUS stable-ish.

    • The Deep South gets two seats
    • New England one seat
    • Two for the Midwest
    • ‘The West’ two seats
    • The Bible/Rust belt one
    • And three for the East Coat & inland

  • Two more US officials resign over Biden administration’s position on Gaza war
  • It’s astonishing that Biden/the administration has decided that Israel is worth throwing away the post-WW2 global system for.

    The US is going to need alliances and partnerships to counter future and current Chinese and Russian revanchist aggression, and Europe has already broken away from the US global leadership because of Gaza. They’ve all reinstated UNRAWA funding, several now formally recognize Palestine, multiple heads of state are openly calling it genocide, and the US sits alone wielding UNSC veto to protect the unsinkable aircraft carrier Israel.

  • Two more US officials resign over Biden administration’s position on Gaza war
  • This. Though I support his stand and the good work that him and people like him do using aid funds despite the organization’s geopolitical bent, the man forgot who he was actually working for.

    It has been decided that the status quo will continue despite the mounting costs, your criticism and resistance is meaningless to them.

  • For edge lovers
  • I can HIGHLY recommend brownie batter put into non-standard pans. Madeline pans make excellent bite sized brownies, and cupcakes are good too. Just don’t put too much into each one, otherwise the center doesn't bake and achieve the desired gooey texture.

  • US intelligence: ‘low confidence’ in part of Israel’s UNRWA claims US intelligence has ‘low confidence’ in some of Israel’s UNRWA claims, report says

    Intel report says some accusations that aid workers participated in Hamas attacks credible but could not be independently verified

    US intelligence has ‘low confidence’ in some of Israel’s UNRWA claims, report says

    > A US intelligence assessment of Israel’s claims that UN aid agency staff members participated in the Hamas attack on 7 October said some of the accusations were credible but that the claims of wider links to militant groups could not be independently verified… According to the Wall Street Journal, the intelligence report, released last week, declared it had “low confidence” in the basic claim that a handful of staff had participated in the attack, indicating that it considered the accusations to be credible though it could not independently confirm their veracity. > > It cast doubt, however, on accusations that the UN agency was collaborating with Hamas in a wider way. The Journal said the report mentioned that although the UNRWA does coordinate with Hamas in order to deliver aid and operate in the region, there was a lack of evidence to suggest it partnered with the group. > > It added that Israel has not “shared the raw intelligence behind its assessments with the US”.

    Confidence in Assessments, pp 5, per the US’s own National Intelligence Council:

    • Low confidence generally means questionable or implausible information was used, the information is too fragmented or poorly corroborated to make solid analytic inferences, or significant concerns or problems with sources existed.

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