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Why Furiosa’s CGI Looks More Fake Than Mad Max Fury Road
  • I watched it and the CGI was way way way more noticable. There's a scene at the beginning of the movie of someone getting on a horse, and it looks like when Legolas very obviously CGI'd his way onto the horse in LotR. Lots of other shots with bad CGI, too.

  • They could deport them to Rwanda. That might work
  • You also neglected to factor in the economic benefit of people taking a trip they don't pay for vs not taking that trip at all because they can't pay. Those people might be taking the train to work, which increases economic activity and value of the entire system, or to school, which is an investment into the future of the system, or to do shopping or eating at restaurants, both of which add value to the system. But I'm also one of those people that think public transit should be free since giving people the ability to freely move around an area can only have net positive outcomes.

  • text don't call
  • Then her dad called the hotel where the event was being held, was told Julie had “run away” to this event, and that I was somehow responsible.

    Why would the hotel tell her dad that Julie had run away?

  • Steph Curry Is On Fire While Eating Spicy Wings

    Steph taking on the wings of death. Will he do a better job than Shaq?