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Steam announces game recording beta
  • Such an accusation isn't a good start if you want to have an actual discussion. Besides, I don't see anything in my comment that could be interpreted as trolling.

    I worded this more strongly than I intended to. This was meant to come across more lightheartedly and joking than the opening to my original message. I apologize for this, sincerely.

    Not on Linux. AMD drivers are part of the kernel and there's no additional bloated driver software like you see it under Windows.

    Again, like I said on the line underneath that, while not perfect, GPUScreenRecorder exists for Linux and works well, despite being less fully featured. And although I didnt include it in the previous message, it supports Nvidia, AMD, and Intel GPUs.

    Here's the link to the project if you'd like to investigate it for yourself:

    Which just proves my point.

    I'm not sure that it does given that I provided a pretty ridiculous hypothetical that still results in an 8 year period at minimum before reaching the warrantied write count. The drive could fail before then, or it could fail after, but the point was that it'll still likely exceed the recommended replacement period for a spinning HDD (3-5 years).

    But I guess you all swap out your hardware every 2 years or so. That's cool for you rich people I guess but as a poor person I typically try to preserve and keep my hardware for as long as I can.

    Please dont make this out like I'm rich and can afford to just throw away hardware. If one of my drives fails, I can't afford to replace it right now. But also, I havent needed to replace an SSD that wasnt faulty due to a manufacturing issue, either in my own system or in any of the hundreds or possibly thousands of computers at this point that I have installed SSDs in for work. The shit SSDs will die within a year or two, but thats usually due to having faulty controllers and is unavoidable, and the faulty SSDs (like the first batch of Samsung 870s) are, well, faulty.

    I think the major fallacy for you guys here is that you just look at this one dataset, as if that's the only thing that would go on in your system.

    I'm not sure what "one dataset" I provided but I'm more than happy to provide more :)

    I'm not going to use unnecessary crap that wears down my very expensive hardware for gimmicky features that I maybe could use once every 5 years or so, assuming I wouldn't just forget about it anyway.

    Okay then, like I said at the end of the last post, just turn the feature off dont turn the feature on when it's released. My point isn't that you personally need to use this feature, but rather that your SSD lifespan fears are outdated. You're more than welcome to use your hardware however you like, I was never intending to change that :)

    Edit: for clarity and inclusion of a correction pointed out by @[email protected]

  • Steam announces game recording beta
  • Whether you genuinely believe what you're saying, or are just trolling, you've managed to nerd snipe me. Whether or not you read all of this doesn't matter, I've channelled my inner no-life tech nerd just because I can. There's a TL;DR at the bottom :)

    Not really, or in the kilobytes at best.

    Just for proof, I've booted my near-fresh Fedora 40 install just to write this comment. When I finish writing the comment, I'll place the total write operations, amount written, and time period at the end of the comment as the final lines.

    Shadowplay isn't a thing on AMD nor Linux, so no.

    AMD: has AMD Relive, which, last I checked is a team red solution with near feature parity to shadowplay

    Linux: has a few options actually. I'm currently using a lovely flatpak package called GPUScreenRecorder. Is it perfect? No, but does it work when I need it to? Yes!

    Every SSD has limited write cycles, no matter how good it is. I spent a good amount of money on my Samsung SSDs, that doesn't mean I'm not going to conserve their lifespan with useless "features".

    First, I'll expand on what I said last time.

    Every SSD does have limited write cycles, here you are correct. I was never implying that they don't. My point was, the write cycle limit is such a non issue now that this sort of fear mongering over what is generally a negligible amount of data is no longer necessary (I'll come back to this). I've pulled some data from my own systems, as well as re-reviewing Backblaze's AFR report.

    My Anectodal Evidence: /dev/sdb (Install Location for Fedora 40)

    • Model, Capacity, and "Warrantied Writes": Samsung 850 EVO, 500GB, 150TBW
    • Power On Hours: 18517 (Approx just over 2 years)
    • TB Written: 51.89TB
    • Wear Levelling: 93% of the drive is still "healthy"
    • Other Raw SMART Values that would indicate failure: 0

    /dev/sdb (Steam Install location since 2017, Drive shipped with faulty controller and was not RMAd as an experiment for my own curiosity)

    • Model, Capacity, and "Warrantied Writes": WD Blue '3D NAND', 1TB, 400TBW
    • Power On Hours: 8979 (Approx 1 year)
    • TB Written: 18.06TB
    • Wear Levelling: 100% of the drive is still "healthy"
    • Other Raw SMART Values that would indicate failure: 0

    Backblaze's Data: This data isn't perfect as these SSDs aren't necessarily primary write locations, however, as stated, they are the Boot drives for Backblaze's servers, as well as the log and temp file storage for each server. To keep this long comment short, as of 06/30/2023, for (consumer) drives with 100+ models, with 10k+ days, they report:

    • 2884 Drives
    • 2,293,595 Total drive days
    • 45 Drive failures
    • 0.72% Annual failure rate

    Seems pretty non-concerning to me.

    Now to get back to that "negligible amount of data" I mentioned earlier. Obviously we don't yet know how much steam's solution will use... but using some of my old shadowplay clips as a reference...

    5 minute clips @ 1080/60 = 1.8GB

    Lets take that 1.8GB and assume you're playing 5 hours of games per day, every day, and you're only using that drive for your Shadowplay/AMD Relive/GPUScreenRecorder/Steam whatever cache...

    1.8GB * 12 (for 1 hour usage) * 5 hours * 365 Days = 39.42TB/year

    Is that a lot of data? Yeah, it honestly is. But most people don't play games 5 hours/day every day. And in this hypothetical situation where that's the only use of this drive, it'd still take a little under 8 years to reach the TBW warranty rating that most (trusted) 500GB SSDs currently have.


    • SSDs aren't as fragile as you think they are
    • If the feature is useless to you, then disable it
    • If you want to use the feature, but you're really that worried about your drive life, use ImDisk and set your caching locating as a Ramdisk

    We're finally at the end! Here's the stats from atop (It's no 1.8GB/5min, but it's definitely more than you think):

    • Total Time: 1h36m19s
    • Total Write operations: 103318
    • Average MB Written per second: 0.5
    • Total MB Written (Rounded down to nearest 0.1 MB): 2584.2MB

    Edit: Fixed the typos I noticed immediately after hitting post

  • Steam announces game recording beta
  • A. Plenty of programs are constantly caching, wiping, and recaching data. You're acting like shadowplay and other programs dont already have modes which do a rolling write on your SSD. And to be clear, this isnt something you really need to worry about with most modern SSDs from reliable brands. If you have an ADATA, maybe dont use it.

    B. What about the steam mobile app is broken? Genuinely curious.

  • nuanceposting the trolley thing
  • Did you actually read the text of the meme? The 2016 graph is to show that the electoral college can invalidate the popular vote.

    There are 155 million levers. The plurality of the levers might win, but sometimes 46% of the levers is enough to beat 48% (this happened in 2016 due to the electoral college, see above) ----> big arrow pointing to the 2016 election results

  • There are few things fascists hate as much as antifascist coalitions
  • Respectfully, I dont believe we're going to shift each other's views at a rate where it's feasible to undertake this via a Lemmy thread. I will disengage from here, feel free to take this as a "win" if you're the type of person to do that. I sincerely and genuinely wish you luck in your approach, I would love to be proven wrong.

    Edit: typo

  • There are few things fascists hate as much as antifascist coalitions
  • So, while in a perfect world, I agree with you... The current problem that exists is that opposite to Biden is Trump. And while Biden is currently engaging in a performance of seeing how quickly he can erase a red line after drawing it, Trump:

    • Has on record stated that Israel must "finish the problem"
    • Is the spearhead of the project 2025 plan
    • Is also domestically terrible (to sum it up in one awful term... He's hard-line "Anti-woke")

    Given the above, can you understand how, even though its a terrible, awful, disgusting decision to make, a lot of voters will want as many people as possible to still vote for Biden, despite acknowledging his terrible policy? How these voters understand what they are enabling, but they also understand that the alternative is the potential democratic collapse (project 2025) of the USA?

    Edit: in addition to the above, what @[email protected] also stands as needing to be answered... Where is the mass outraged call for the right to (in a non-antisemitic way) support Palestine if elected? As far as I'm concerned, ive not seen a single call to action for that side.

  • There are few things fascists hate as much as antifascist coalitions
  • iT'S TeLlInG ThAt yOu dOnT

    What is it telling of exactly? Is this meant to imply that pug supports the Israeli campaign? That they're also a genocidal madperson?

    If you'll humor me for a moment... What happens if progressives pull support for biden and he doesn't change his position? What is the outcome of that scenario?

  • There are few things fascists hate as much as antifascist coalitions
  • When there is not enough popular support for the "best party", and revolutionary overthrow is non viable, then the "true mark of anti-fascism" is knowing when to vote for the least bad party and then continue campaigning and canvassing to pressure for better policy and candidates

    Its disgusting and it feels terrible, but (speaking broadly) if the progressive voter base leaves the a country's primary "left leaning" party, then the party will reach instead for center right voters to fill that gap, driving the party further right.

    I won't tell you prescriptively who to vote for, but please, give it some thought in good faith

  • ON TARGET: Back to the Future: The CAF's Dress Code Fiasco — espritdecorps
  • Hey @[email protected] I had a whole big thing typed up, but I want to engage with you in good faith... Would you be willing to tell me what, in your eyes is so bad about some painted nails, dyed hair/men's long hair, "unprofessional" tattoos, and the other things that were originally introduced?

  • Rogue Cell Tower Shut Down in London
  • Unless I've seriously lost what "an enterprise thing" is nowadays, I wouldnt call SPF and DKIM (and DMARC for that matter) "mostly an enterprise thing" considering:

    • They are security measures implemented by default with all freemail providers

    • Almost all mail systems will block or flag any mail which isnt at least SPF authenticated

    • Gmail and yahoo now aggressively require DKIM and DMARC to be configured in order for mail to be delivered if delivered in bulk (this is in addition to their past SPF requirements)

    • We (my company) consider it a mandatory now in 2024 to guarantee mail delivery, even for our smallest clients.

  • ThinkPad MetaCubed

    Linux on Thinkpad P14s Gen2 issues

    I'm pretty new to using linux as a desktop solution (I use it for servers but have been working on switching over for desktop). I recently installed NixOS on my P14S Gen 2 and have found that while my backlight works inside the OS, I have no backlight in UEFI and GRUB.

    I did complete a microsolder repair on the eDP connector on the motherboard due to liquid damage, however all SMDs and downstream chips have been thoroughly verified, and as detailed below, issues doesn't persist in windows.

    Boot sequence goes as follows:

    1. System powers on (No backlight)

    2. Smartbeep diagnostics screams it's head off (No backlight)

    3. BIOS/UEFI beep (still no backlight)

    4. Diagnostic Grub beep (You guessed it, no backlight)

    5. OS splash - Backlight is now on

    I am unsure if there is a way to resolve this, but any advice would be greatly appreciated as I can't seem to find anyone else with this specific presentation of a "no backlight" issue.

    Troubleshooting already tried:

    • Update firmware using fwupdtool, fwupdmgr, and vantage in windows - no change

    • Reinstall windows - behavior stops

    • Dual boot windows - behavior stops if windows was the last OS booted

    • New display cable - no change (tried before realizing this is OS related)

    • Install a different distro - Ubuntu, Debian both have same behavior and I'd like to stay on NixOS if I can

    • Increase GRUB compatibility delay - no change

    • Increase UEFI boot delay - no change

    • Change graphics adapter in UEFI - no change

    • Disable quick boot, secure boot, TPM, set sleep mode to Linux, etc. - no change

    • Probably more that is at this point, forgotten

    Edit: fixed formatting, added troubleshooting completed so far and more detail that was initially neglected

    not interesting MetaCubed

    Federated Suitcase Wheel