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Mesa Mesa
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Always try sudo
  • Floating points included for thoroughness!

  • Average CSS
  • Pretty sure they're referring to class names describing the visual style being applied, rather than what that class represents semantically.

    E.g. .red-bold vs. .error-text

  • What are your thoughts on the Ascension game mode/Belly of the Beast?
  • It takes most random squads more than six minutes. Consensus is about 8 on average. Also, yes. For a non-endurance mission, when the other options are captures, exterminates, sabotages, etc. where the lower bound is ~2 minutes and the highest is maybe 6 minutes with an incompetent team, 8 minutes on average is extraordinarily long.

    This isn't even considering that pickups are hell on Ascension. Sure, reactant will be marked, but chasing it down vertically? In a coordinated effort, it might not be too bad, but surely it's more trouble than it's worth.

  • JavaScript
  • I'm in this no-experience-to-apprenticeship program and everyone in my class thinks type coercion is the greatest thing ever.

  • Jade: A warframe review
  • Interesting. I guess that's your helminth slot, then. There's not really much else to do with the ability in that case.

    I've been using her pretty heavily, and I've never had any issue with Archon Intensify. Of course, you need Combat Discipline to trigger it reliably.

  • Jade: A warframe review
    • Lights Judgement:
      This is a pretty great ability, it effectively acts like blood altar but without requiring an enemy and with extra synergy with other parts of her kit. It does suffer a bit from the same issue as Trinitys 'well of life' in that despite being an objectively good ability its a bit overshadowed by the rest of her kit.

    I think old modding habits are really inhibiting your Jade. She's got two aura slots and a healing ability. To me, this immediately screams Combat Discipline + Archon Intensify; and it's really hard to justify not using it.

    Light's Judgment has one other important effect besides the healing: it tags enemies with her passive. Not only does the passive make targets more vulnerable to damage; it also sets them up to be detonated by her 4, Glory on High.

    As for Glory on High, please keep in mind that damage types, statuses, and enemy resistances just got massively reworked. Yes, Viral + Slash/Heat is still great; but blast just went from zero to hero. If you're encountering enemies sporadically, the viral+heat build will serve you well. But if you are fighting hordes, please10x just try a blast build (I'm using blast+electric). Paradigm-shift type effectiveness.

    A little more specifically, I'm curious as to why you've built in so much range. With her 2 and 3, I've personally been very reluctant to sacrifice strength. I got the impression from your overview that you weren't focusing too much on her 1, but I see why you wouldn't want to spam it with that efficiency. I've seen a few people opt for Blind Rage, but it's always paired with Overextended, which means there are essentially three slots serving range (counting Stretch), which really only serves to boost your coverage of the Glory detonation, which may or may not actually be effective; all while also tanking your efficiency. I slotted in a Casting Speed shard so I can just cast twice if needed, and also have better control of the coverage.

    She's a great frame, and a great opportunity to try out some new damage combos and techniques. She very much feels like a spiritual foil to Dagath, so I went back and refactored Dagath to complement my playstyle for Jade. Fun stuff.

  • Why in 2024 do people still believe in religion? (serious)
  • Think of your closest friend or family member. Do you "believe in" them?

  • Why in 2024 do people still believe in religion? (serious)
  • It's very rare that you find anyone on Lemmy/Reddit that actually takes more than eight seconds to critically think about the significance of "religion," and not just immediately monkey brain into "religion is for idiots." Alas, I hoped that this particular group think would've stayed behind.

    A belief is not a religion, and a religion is not a belief. Any one person can be varying degrees of "religious," and any one person can hold varying levels of belief in a higher power.

    I don't have much else to add because your comment was pretty well thought-out.

  • What's the most seeming trivial thing you'll turn down a GF or BF for?
  • "Misuse of the Oxford comma, bad speling and taking jokes too far."

  • Skateboarding is just "The Floor is Lava" on wheels
  • Ah, but you thought about it for more than a quarter of a second. That's not allowed.

  • Not a Number
  • The elephant and rope parable rings its bell of sound morals!

    Not so much the realizing what NaN means; that's more relevant to that XKCD which I probably don't need to describe here.

  • Hate it when that happens
  • Marked as solution.

  • New developer
  • Const goo =

    backspace backspace

    const Foo


    const foo = obj. Val;.

    *deep breaths

  • Screenshot Saturday!
  • How has the actual process of developing your idea been different from your initial expectations and assumptions?

    Do you have previous experience with a creative hobby/skill/profession (even if it's another sect of software development), and what challenges have you faced in the shifting of your creative paradigm? What's different?

  • Where do they get those numbers from?
  • "Code -30% faster with GitHub Copilot"

  • To those with 2+ monitors on your machine: What's your use case, and how much does it actually boost your productivity?

    I'm mainly curious about software developers here, or anyone else whose computer is somewhat central to their life, be it professional or hobbyist.

    I only have two monitors—one directly in front of me, and another to the right of it, angled toward me. For web development, I keep my editor on the main screen, and anything auxiliary (be that a dev build, a video, StackOverflow, etc.) on the side screen.

    I wouldn't mind a third monitor, and if I had one, I'd definitely use it for log/output, since currently it's a floating window that I shuffle around however necessary. It could be smaller than the other two, and I might even turn it vertical so I could split the screen between output and a terminal, configuring a AutoHotKey script to focus the terminal.

    What about y'all?

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    How do you feel about Emergent Drums 2?

    With Emergent Drums 2 on sale for $79 right now, this is the most acknowledgement I've put towards the program/company since its initial release not too long ago.

    From what I've seen and heard, it just doesn't seem very impressive to me, especially for the price. I remember thinking this when it was initially $100; and ever since then, they've steadily been bumping up the price to where it's now $249.

    For those of you that have it, I have a few questions:

    > * How often do you use Emergent Drums 2 in your workflow?

    > * Does it feel more like a tool or a toy?

    > * How satisfied are you with the samples that generate from the product?

    > * Do you often use Emergent Drums samples as placeholders, and later load in other samples when you find the right one?

    > * Would you earnestly recommend Emergent Drums to a friend for $249? $149? $79?