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  • Even then water is only wet sometimes. Extremely cold ice isn’t wet for example.

    Is that water or is it just made of water?

    It’s quite dry until you reduce its heat enough for it to become wet again.

    Don't you mean increase?

  • I wish I was as bold as these authors.
  • Sure they do. But they also trust adults a lot. Children try to find answers only because they have stimulus other than humans telling them things, but if that stimulus is missing, they will believe the adult. The environments that AI "grow up" in are different, but they are very similar from a mental perspective.

    How many times have you heard the story of something hearing something false from a family member and holding it close to their heart for years?

  • Family of taekwondo instructors saves Texas woman from sexual assault
  • It's an English quirk.

    Mostly that first person perspective is meant to humiliate the person who committed the act, in this case the sex offender mentioned in the post. It doesn't matter if they'll ever read it or not, either.

  • I’ve got a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty baby, and I’ll write your name: Just Stop Oil paint private jets hours after Taylor Swift’s lands
  • What about our technology? Our culture? Those aren't nearly as likely to survive, and a few handful of our species survival is meaningless without the above two.

    And the dinosaurs are an example of a species that hasn't survived.

    The fact that you seem to guarantee in your mind that humanity would survive is survivorship bias, I think? Or some other type of bias. Anyways. It's the same type of bias that religious people have in their minds, where they think the simple fact they happen to exist is just so improbable that there must be another factor at play to ensure their existence.

  • Wait, who am I kidding, nobody who watches anime gets this.


    Is it okay to wash hands with body soap?

    I finished pooping and realised my liquid hand soap had run out, so I used a body soap bar to wash them. I had to go outside and use the hand soap in another bathroom to make sure my hands were clean.

    Can you use body soap to wash hands properly?




    I can't join any communities?

    They all just say "Pending". I don't understand.


    Hyperventilating rn