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Make it stop.
  • That does depend on the state though too. I worked in a restaurant where any tip on take-out/drive-thru/catering was spread among the kitchen staff. No manager can receive tips, but at least the staff preparing and packaging the food still have an opportunity to earn something extra. When I worked there, because of the tips, I earned an extra $2-$3 a shift.

  • Nightclubs on the brink as clean-living Gen Zs ditch scene
  • I buy via Get them delivered straight to my house. Delta 8 is federally legal, so that's what you can purchase from the regardless of state. Where I live, all the smoke/vape shops also sell a bunch of delta 8 products. But I've preferred the stnr brand over most things I've tried.

  • In-N-Out to close first location in its 75-year history due to a wave of car break-ins and robberies
  • Omg it has images from 6 years ago and 7 months ago. The difference is absolutely mind blowing. But also in general, to see how it looks now its just so depressing. I've been reading a book right now that's based in the 1930s and this looks and feels like the Hoovertowns they describe.

  • Steamboat Rule
  • And they've already transitioned to using the Steamboat Willie model for the opening of their new movies as part of their trademark. As soon as I saw that happening I knew it wouldn't matter that the copyrights to it would finally go away because Disney found a new way around it with the trademarking.

  • HP raising Instant Ink subscription pricing significantly
  • You forgot about that beautiful thing also known as your local library!

    Mine is around 2 miles away from my home and only charges me 10¢ per b&w sheet. Its absolutely perfect for any printing needs I may have.

  • I'm starting to feel like there's not much choice
  • Prior to buying our house, the longest I had lived in one house/apt for the past decade was no more than 2 years. After being in our house for a year, it legit felt weird to not be packing up our things and getting ready to vacate. It was amazing to not have to go through the stress of finding a decent place at a decent price and then moving. It also felt so much better knowing how much some of my friends pay for their Apts and that my mortgage is cheaper than their tiny ass one bedroom. And that my monthly price isn't going to increase next year like everyone else who's renting and needs to renew their leases. Yeah, we're the ones who take care of our own maintenance and yard work. But everything we've done so far would be things that we would have taken care of ourselves in a rented house.

    The responsibility is more yes. The decrease in stress in regards to finding a new place to live constantly, the general stress of moving, and not having a place that you can legitimately call home has made us feel like this has by far been the superior choice.

  • Discovery Channel’s ‘Shark Week’ Is Packed With Misinformation and Junk Science Scientists watched 202 episodes and found them filled with unreliable information
  • Omg! I remember watching that documentary when I was much younger and thought it was absolutely real and was shocked that I had never heard anyone else talking about it. Then... I found out it wasn't actually real and to say I was pissed off was an understatement. I haven't anything from discovery channel since.

  • It just feels different
  • This is exactly what I did when I recently watched The Fall of the House of Usher. After the first episode, I knew each ending was going to make me want to keep going. So i would switch it off when it would change scenes and come back to it later. Made me feel less like, "omg, I really need to see what's going to go on next." And made me realize I should do it more often.

  • Global inflation fears as oil price rises towards $100 a barrel
  • As much as I would absolutely love us shifting from fossil fuels, it also needs to be practical. Suddenly increasing the price of gas doesn't work for rural areas like the one I live in where your car is immensely important to you being able to get to the store or your job and we're not in areas that public transport would be considered due to how small and spread out the towns are. And a lot of us don't have the option to move closer to the cities and the transit opportunities either due to our jobs or just the cost of living required for the city versus our rural homes. We NEED to start working on infrastructure that doesn't only have large cities in mind, but also us on the outskirts of the city or the rural communities will become even poorer than they are now when they have to pay a small fortune just to travel to the store or their jobs.

  • Lemmy apps
  • I've actually been super pleased with Liftoff so far of the 3 apps I've been using. I feel like Sync would have to bring a lot more to the table for me to switch at this point. Though, I am excited to see what new things each developer will bring to the realm.