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2024 France election live updates: Prime Minister Attal plans to resign as projections show leftists lead
  • The President is elected by the people, what you call popular vote I believe. The President then nominates the Prime Minister from whatever party holds the majority in the Parliament. In this election, it isn't the presidential party that got the majority, so Attal (the exiting Prime Minister from the presidential party) resigns.

    Macron could also resign I guess, since it was his idea to dissolve the Parliament in the first place, but it's pretty uncommon.

    Note that this is for the French system. Starmer is British and has to deal with whatever dumbster fire of a system they have on his side of the Channel

  • What food can or has given you the ick.
  • My parents took me to an Italian restaurant when I was a child, and the smell of olive oil was so overpowering I couldn't get in. Still have trouble with olive oil to this day, maybe 15 years later