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Really shows where their priorities are, doesn't it?
  • It was easy because nobody added any other bullshit to it. Do you think it would have passed that easy if the democrats insisted it include funding for planned parenthood? Or if the republicans would only allow it to come to a vote if it included a ban on funding Ukrainians? The minimum wage hasn’t changed this millennium, this isn’t hard until they make it hard. You want to make it easy? Here it is, make the minimum wage match the minimum cost to live in in each jurisdiction, updated every 10 years with ( and by) the national census. If you can impose a fine you are a jurisdiction and it is your responsibility to implement. Done, next issue.

  • How to stop mass shootings in a nutshell by one political party
  • I’d be surprised if it could even happen legally, there’s no reason to have a rifle with you to duck hunt. If DNR caught you you’d get a ticket for poaching ( you have a permit for ducks but you are out with gear to hunt deer ) and they’d keep the guns. Yes, even on private land.

  • How to stop mass shootings in a nutshell by one political party
  • We all know if that happened the democrats would fuck it up. They’d stop everything they were working on and set up conservation efforts for conservatives. They’d have musicians raise awareness of the unprecedented threat the conservatives are under and tell everyone where they can donate to those left griftless. The real shitty thing is that without the Republicans around to fuck it up it’ll probably actually work.

  • Really shows where their priorities are, doesn't it?
  • The problem with that train of thought is that they were already rich when they got the job. Many of them actually spend more to get the job than the job even pays. They aren’t there for the pay, they are there for the power plays. Once you get in you know people, people mainly help those they are close to. Money is a means to an end (and integral to the storage process ) but it’s all about power and connections. Why else would someone pay $1M of their own money for a 50/50 shot at a job that pays $1.2M over 4 years?