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Judge Dismisses Rudy Giuliani's Bankruptcy
  • Hey now be careful, we can't be advocating for violent assault here.

  • Experts: DOJ has "sufficient evidence" to probe Clarence Thomas — but Garland won't go for it
  • I would agree. Biden has had some really solid appointments overall (Love me some Lina Khan), but Garland has just not gotten the job done.

  • Jeffries meets with Biden as discontent grows among House Democrats
  • Pick the old man or pick the old man who is a Nazi. Seems like a pretty easy choice to me.

  • Does vigilantism and baiting child predators seem immoral to you?
  • Hell, isn't that what happened to a shitload of those Perverted Justice/To Catch a Predator stings? Most of it got tossed in court and guys walked.

  • Hungary’s Viktor Orbán to Visit Trump Following NATO Summit and Putin Meeting
  • "Sorry, the Logan Act doesn't specifically list Donald Trump so it doesn't apply to him."


  • Biden News Conference Megathread:
  • Deal. Boarding in about an hour. This flight sure is going to be interesting.

  • Biden News Conference Megathread:
  • I think extraction shooter is up next unfortunately.

  • Lauren Boebert Humiliates Herself With Bonkers New Biden Conspiracy
  • We'll see. I'm gonna do everything I can to prove you wrong and hope for the best. I can't speak for the Western slope, but I don't think Southern Colorado is out of play for Frisch at all.

  • Let's see who's gonna get roped into this job
  • He's not just a horrible leader, he's thrown every single person who's ever been involved with him under the bus. They all somehow think they'll be the first one in history who doesn't get tossed like fucking morons.

  • Lauren Boebert Humiliates Herself With Bonkers New Biden Conspiracy
  • Oh it was absolutely the smart move for her electorally. I think she would've been toast in CO-3 this time. Might not have made it out of the primary even. That seat is going blue this November :)

  • Kamala Harris surges as top choice to replace Joe Biden: Poll
  • I think the funds that the primary campaign got do actually go to Harris first. The DNC, PACs, and SPACs should be able to transfer like you said though.

    Disclaimer: I'm not sure any of this shit is actually figured out. I doubt they thought about this situation when they wrote the FEC bill.

  • I.R.S. Crackdown on Delinquent Millionaires Yields $1 Billion
  • We could probably double that haul with an audit of a couple SCOTUS justices...

  • I.R.S. Crackdown on Delinquent Millionaires Yields $1 Billion
  • Oh don't worry, the GOP doesn't want to stop taxing the poors. The IRS will just have absolutely zero enforcement if you make enough money.

  • 'Democracy turns into a dictatorship': Experts warn about SCOTUS presidential immunity ruling
  • Colorado has a statewide RCV referendums we're trying get on the ballot in November. Make sure you vote yes on Initiative 310 if you see someone collecting signatures. We've got about a month before they're due.

  • Donald Trump Suffers Triple Polling Blow in Battleground States
  • And while there are exceptions (looking at you Garland), most of Biden's team are pretty solid. For example, I would keep Lena Khan exactly where she is regardless of which Democrat is in charge. He's got a lot more young smart staff than he gets credit for.