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Lawsuit paperwork reveals Valve employs around 350 people – and less than 100 work for Steam. Most of Valve's payroll is still committed to game dev roles.
  • Hey, you make a lot of great points and thanks for the perspective and depth of engagement. I think "paying vendors for services you don't want to run internally" is exactly outsourcing. With the ubiquity of big cloud services though, I hesitate to call that outsourcing even though it fits that definition. Maybe cause that's more about the hardware than the people, I dunno. I checked real quick and seems like they do have their own data centers but use AWS and others as well around the world.

    I think I may have a different default definition of outsourcing than others though after working tech support in the US for bigger companies through other smaller outsourced companies in the US. A lot of people probably assumed I meant overseas as in outsourced tech support to India. I agree with your scaling estimates and most everything else you said. Someone's gotta design dem summer sale logos too though lol. Cheers.

  • What is the worst IT setup you have seen at a company?
  • A behavioral health company with 25 iPads deployed to field employees as patient data collection devices all signed into the same iCloud account instead of using MDM or anything.

    They all had the same screen lock PINs and though most of the data was stored in a cloud based service protected by a login, that app's password was saved by default.

  • Lawsuit paperwork reveals Valve employs around 350 people – and less than 100 work for Steam. Most of Valve's payroll is still committed to game dev roles.
  • Steam is available in over two hundred countries and you think 100 employees is enough to manage that? To do the account support, billing support, vendor support, user content moderation, technical support, hardware partnerships, server management, platform development, legal compliance, business development, web development, database management, HR, accounting...etc in multiple regions and in every respective language? One employee per every two countries?! Figure it out.

  • Wyoming bans conservation bidders from oil and gas lease sales - WyoFile
  • THIS SENTENCE, is corruption in plain sight to such an absurd degree that we are expected to be nonchalant in our acceptance of it. I'm sure a lot of people (present company excluded) drove right on by this sentence without stopping to marvel at how at ease big oil and gas are with expecting laws to favor them:

    “So rather than wait for that to happen, we thought, ‘Well, let’s step in now and let’s put in place a bill that acts as a deterrent to doing that,” Petroleum Association of Wyoming President Pete Obermueller told WyoFile.

  • Any tips on dealing with people that don't like you?
  • Stop caring. There is nobody you could be that will please everybody, and if there was...there'd be nothing of you left as you morphed to fit the situation and company around you. Just be yourself and ignore their passive aggressive BS or avoid if possible.

    (yes, it is that simple but still harder than it sounds. Ask yourself "Do I need to give a shit about this?" and the answer will usually be no.)

  • People who are 1s and 2s on this scale, do you watch adult video?
  • I'm a 1 but the apple would be morphing into different types and then the image would zoom in on patterns or what the bottom looks like etc. It would then shift to something totally unrelated like Sonic the Hedgehog. Why him? Your guess is as good as mine. There's a lot going on up there and it's noisy and constantly under construction.

    To your question though, of course I don't watch them, I skip around to the good parts.