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Get rid of them.
  • Could have come up with a better name. This one is almost horror like.

  • Winamp has announced that it is opening up its source code to enable collaborative development of its legendary player for Windows
  • I used both and things felt off. WinAMP of old was no nonsense player. Once version 3.x came it wasn't as popular and it was much more of a polished product but came with bunch of features that weren't needed in my opinion.

  • Winamp has announced that it is opening up its source code to enable collaborative development of its legendary player for Windows
  • Just like everyone else, at one point I used WinAMP, then when they started the upgrade to new and significantly more hardware demanding version I switched to Aimp, which to this day I use as mobile application. Am no longer on Windows, but I still miss those applications. VLC simply doesn't fit that role of a music player.

    Open sourcing WinAMP means we'll probably get a ported version for Linux, which I am very much looking forward to.

  • Hello GPT-4o
  • It's still LLM, so it's still breaking input into tokens and generating answers based on their relations.

  • Valheim - Patch 0.218.15 – Ashlands
  • No thanks. Developers who'd rather change game description and increase requirements than fix performance issues need screw me over only once. This is the game I burned myself on with early access. So lesson learned.

  • xkcd #2932: Driving PSA
  • Indeed.

  • xkcd #2932: Driving PSA
  • When I saw this sketch I immediately recollected all those traffic accident compilations from YouTube. Who in the right mind designs a road such that is cuts 8 lanes and thinks it's safe enough.

  • xkcd #2932: Driving PSA
  • Even this intersection is not a good design if you ask me as it still forces you to cut who knows how many lanes, but at least it's a bit safer. Best would be overpass, but that's more expensive.

  • xkcd #2932: Driving PSA
  • Also worst design for crossroad EVER.

  • E-Bikes Should Not Require Pedaling, Proposes U.K. Government, Diverging From E.U.
  • Not impossible but I think the idea is to make bicycles less annoying to pedestrians.

  • E-Bikes Should Not Require Pedaling, Proposes U.K. Government, Diverging From E.U.
  • Kind of stupid idea. There is a place and need for light weight transport that is assisted bicycle. Our law classifies these (and electric scooters) as light electric vehicles and has special set of rules for them. Things like when driving on pedestrian paths they can't move faster than 5km/h. On roads maximum is 25km/h but they have to wear reflective west. Kids must wear helmets, etc. For the most part sensible requirements.

    That said I am of the opinion everyone should take a test to participate in traffic, bicycles included. For bikes there aren't many rules they need to know anyway. They can skip almost all of the signs except those for the right of way. So it would be easy test but a necessary one. And simply bar kids on bicycles in traffic lanes and that's it. Safest for everyone.

  • Bud Light says it will avoid more boycotts by never standing for anything
  • This partnership they had with Dylan was a prime example of not knowing your consumers.

  • What should I change about my resume? I'm trying to find an internship in tech support.
  • Neatly put resume with some obvious things to improve. Order of elements should be different, for example working experience and references usually come last because when we are looking to hire we are quick glancing over skills first then look where you worked. Those being on top of the page matter.

    So I'd list things this way: Education, Technical Skills & Certifications, Projects, Experience, References (if you have any).

    Another thing I'd like to point out is if you have GitHub/GitLab account do link that. Your code speaks a lot louder than CV and might get you past first round of elimination. Managers do look at that and it matters a lot. Am not in the job market for past 10 years or so but I still get job offers regularly just because I have publicly available code and few open source projects of some popularity.

    You are already doing a great job at keeping things short but I'll say it anyway: Don't inflate skills and knowledge to make the resume look richer. Write what you are confident in using and what you'd like to use eventually. Any developer can say ah I can write 15 different languages, because once you learn syntax and few intricacies all of them more or less are the same. But if you don't know standard library and have experience working with it you might paint yourself in the corner where you'd get a job and have to work on language you are not comfortable with or even worse get tested using it and then fail on a stupid thing. Most managers know if you are proficient in one language, learning another is matter of time. That and you want to put the best foot forward.

    Good luck. Your sneaking suspicion is wrong. If only all the resumes I had to review were this concise.

  • Tesla Tells Cybertruck Owner Coolant Leaks Aren't Covered By Warranty After Only 35 Miles
  • Tesla has marketing? I thought Elon bragged how they never advertise.

  • you don't need more 4GB of RAM
  • Intel driver is the key to the problem. They have no memory leak issues as others did. At least not ti such a degree.

  • you don't need more 4GB of RAM
  • There's no benefit in having RAM sitting idle and empty. Si Linux caches a lot of things.

  • you don't need more 4GB of RAM
  • You use Chrome for everything including writing code and notes. Different outcome was unexpected really.

  • Environmentalists are having a cow over Tyson Foods' "climate friendly" beef
  • Well, one of the biggest polluters is the cement industry, but people won't stop making houses. And we already have environmental alternatives ready and available just costing a bit more.

  • Elon Musk’s Neuralink reports trouble with first human brain chip
  • I can believe people took up on this offer. As the saying goes drowning man will reach for straws. Issue is they probably oversold reliability and safety.

  • 3
    Glitch of the Year Awards!
    Starship/Euclid: Beautiful red and white hauler

    Spotted this beautiful red and white hauler with off-white elements and yellow writing. Haven't seen one this pretty and clean.

    Multitool/Euclid: A class Sentinel multi-tool.


    Kind of annoying super-charged slots, but otherwise good looking.

    Suggest a must try pepper...

    We grow all of our vegetables and since few years we started growing spicy peppers as well. Our most beloved ones at this point are Habanero and some sort of regular looking Mexican chili pepper brought to us by a friend who was there on a business trip.

    I personally fell in love with Habanero because of its fruity notes. It's not a pepper I eat fresh often but we make a nice sweet sauce from it that is used way too much in our household.

    As am preparing slowly for the next season, I'd love to hear some suggestions on what I should try next. I'd prefer to try peppers with some characteristic taste. I already have my eyes set on Aji Lemon, Sugar Rush Peach, Golden Nuggets. We prefer medium spicy peppers but I've had hotter. I just dislike hot for the sake of hot.


    Love how seamless voice editing is done.

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