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Blind and deaf dog Teddy got lost in a neighbor’s yard. Police called to help him shot him dead
  • I'd think it was a joke that cops just show up and shoot your dog if you call them. But my best friend in highschool called the cops on his uncle when he was on drugs and became violent. First thing they did after they showed up? I shit you not, they shot his dog. It lost a leg, but thankfully didn't die.

  • More true words have never been spoken
  • I'm in the minority, even among the people I associate with offline, but I'm concerned about the shit that's in everything. Anything I put on or in my body. That also includes things I put on my dog or the food I give him. If I see/smell someone treated their lawn recently I don't let him walk on their grass because I know he'll lick his paws later and get sick.

    (Yes, I wear deodorant.)

  • Favourite word and why?
  • Off the top of my head I thought it was just flirting, but the internet says it's specifically a woman who flirts.

    It also made me think of croquettes. Now I want some salmon croquettes with a squeeze of lemon.

  • Anatomy of an icon rule.

    I'm not sure if it auto-plays on all apps/platforms, but it's a gif.

    Surface Pro 7 - Intel Core i7 - 16GB

    What distro would you recommend for general use on this device?

    Current favorite album.

    It's a hell of a journey.

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