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Mcballs1234 Mcballs1234

I am the Mcballs, crazy engineer and tech nerd. Feel free to DM me or ask me If I'm in the hospital.

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Remembering the legend
  • Harambe died for our sins

  • Everyone needs a true friend
  • Link?

  • Everyone needs a true friend
  • Link?

  • JoCat Rule
  • Same brother

  • Morino Rinze - THE iDOLM@STER ShinyColors
  • I did a little something

  • Giving someone oral is the most intimate thing you can do for someone. (IMO)
  • Touching grass will be fine enough for me

  • I can think of a hundred bigger crimes
  • Time to assemble the Femboy army

  • Vile
  • Eh you gotta do what you gotta do brother

  • The average American shower
  • Some soup

  • Arch BTW
  • Maybe :3

  • Star Trek: Enterprise x Deep Rock Galactic
  • Breaking bad + Palworld uh oh

  • Veggie burger with muenster cheese and copious sautéed onions
  • Thats a delicious monster cheese

  • Possible upcoming Dart Zone blasters from Target


    • Dart Zone Covert ops Max solo 9.99
    • Dart Zone Covert ops Max Stryker 2.0 49.99
    • Dart Zone Storm Squad Blaster 2pk 9.99
    • Dart Zone Covert ops Renegade Double Barrel 9.99
    • Dart Zone Covert ops Bulldog Tripod belt Blaster 29.99
    How was your day?
  • How many ciggies he got in their

  • Hundreds of elongated skulls found in Perù
  • Megamind that you?

  • [AMA] I am a professional construction carpenter. Feel free to ask me anything.
  • What's a high quality wood to build a media rack?

  • Why? Are we not doing enough?
  • Its alright, we all have lives we live and sometimes don't have time for Lemmy.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Huh, I stop carrying about government because its always the same bullshit time and time again

  • will we ever get a Pro-2x phone

    I really like the idea of having a physical keyboard on my phone. I'm looking at the pinephone with the keyboard module and it looks pretty cool.


    Do DVD menus not work with jellyfin?

    I'm trying to dump my DVD collection to have on jellyfin, when I put a DVD iso on jellyfin it only played one video track and skip the menu. Is there a plugin to fix this?


    making homemade Nerf darts

    I'm looking to make homemade Nerf darts. I'm looking for a thick foam and a hard tip. What would you guys recommend?


    I need suggestions for fun archive stuff

    Today I got my first proxmox server up and running, I'm looking for fun things to run in docker that archives things or just other cool stuff.

    datahoarder Mcballs1234

    Best way to archive vhs?

    My grandparents are downsizing there collections of turds and gold and they want their homemade movies archived. I was thinking of a component capture card with obs. What would be a good capture card or a better way to archive?

    UPDATE 1: So, my DVD vhs combo was a total piece of shit and ate my Addams family Vhs tape!!! I found a vhs player that works and looks pretty decent.

    I bought a black magic intensity pro capture card (BMDPCB41G1) but I'm struggling to get the driver to recognize the card, I tried win10 but I'm gonna try Ubuntu and an older 4th gen intel motherboard. This is all I have for now, any help would be cool.

    homelab Mcballs1234

    I need help bringing ethernet to my server

    I'm trying to set up my server a dell power edge 420. My server is loud and proud of its power usage. Anyways my bedroom is upstairs and no good way to bring ethernet up. I don't feel like spending money on a WiFi card because I don't have money for it, but I do have a pi 4 and I was thinking to run the standard os, but use the Ethernet port to share to other comeputers. But my solution is super janky and I want something better.


    Won the lotto and got a hair cut

    A meme a friend made of me in middle school


    What's with the limited language

    So I was trying write a comment on the cyberp--k community or sub lemmy and I was stopped from posting the comment because of the word Pun-k, why is there such strict rules on Lemmy and what is the list of words we can't say.