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Image uploads, federation delays, and performance
  • Thank you for everything you do. Have a great new year and 2024

  • Game Chat - October 07
  • Yes I loved the edgerunners anime. It was also great finding the Easter eggs for it in my 3rd playthrough. I did not see the promises projeck red made either. But I really enjoyed the story and gameplay. One of my favourite games in recent years.

  • Game Chat - October 07
  • I played and completed at launch with all the bugs. Really enjoyed it. Just recently completed it bug free and pre-phantom. I really love that game.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • I am using the gruber action too. I really appreciate its simplicity. Although it took me a second to realise you needed the extra app ‘actions’

  • My thoughts on Hexbear. Posting as the megathread was locked.
  • @randint. admins are now dealing with multiple reports from this thread. In reviewing the conversations they are heading off topic and some have become arguments and abusive. As such I will be locking this post now before there is either further escalation of more significant levels of reporting.

  • Anbernic RG35xx vs Miyoo Mini Plus: a comparison and review
  • Thank you for the comparison. I had really trouble deciding which one to buy and settled for the RG53XX but wondered what I was missing with the Miyoo. Was tempted to buy the miyoo too but I will not now. I might invest in a different form factor other than the GB lookalike.

  • Commmunity feedback thread
  • Time for a monthly moot. Or we could go to war with the others?

  • Hexbear federation megathread
  • I see quite a few of their comments and posts especially of late. It is a mix really between healthy and unhealthy. However if I compare to other instances I would agree more with your point.

  • Hexbear federation megathread
  • First of all I would like to offer my support to Sunaurus for this post. I thank him for raising this issue to our instance and for continuing to be discussion led and transparent. I also ask that we discuss this so we are best informed on the Hexbear subject.

    I also agree what Sunaurus is saying but would add;

    We try to encourage people to engage in a healthy way here on Also looking throughout the Fediverse which is growing at the moment we look to encourage that same engagement. This will ensure it’s long term success and resilience. I believe that healthy discussion promotes new ideas, innovation and learning. I do not believe that any abuse, victimisation, harassment or active discrimination has a place.

    In the recent days I have seen increased reports coming from content or comments made by Hexbear users. However from what I am seeing although there is a lot, mostly they do not cross the line for significant action although a minority do. So at this time from what I have seen Defederation is not obvious a decision to me. I am expecting the behaviour and style of comments to calm once the excitement of Federating passes. I am also encouraged by the positive steps of the Hexbear admins.

  • Welcome to /c/lemon, the home of Lemon for Lemmy 🍋
  • I am happy to test when you are ready too.

  • Installed some hives at work with community bee keepers
  • We have unused land at the bottom of our warehouse and lorry park. We planted a wildflower garden and the worked with local bee keepers to get the hives. Although we are in industrial parks there is a lot of wild land nearby so we thought it would be great for the bees. The bees are doing great and we are going to expand the number of hives. Our keepers also provide hives for schools and have an extensive risk assessment that negates some risks

  • Since we know where you keep your phone, what hand do you hold it in when using it?
  • I operate two handed or hold in the right and touch with the left.

  • Public Betas are out, who's going in?
  • I normally do it every year and I always get iCloud errors and bugs. I have lived with them but I am thinking maybe I skip the beta this year

  • Discord & new admins!
  • Thank you for the warm welcome. Happy to be helping the communities.

  • Looking for more admins for
  • I would be interested. I’m active between 1800-2100 (GMT). I have no previous mod experience but I do in enforcing rules. I agree with the current policy. If I am not active enough I understand. Good luck with your search.

  • Not working with AdGuard protection enabled
  • Does advised allow for whitelisting. If it does you can tell it to ignore and also you instance you are hosted on.

    I had this issue with NextDNS so whitelisted the connected sites. This fixed it for me. Hope this helps.

  • What's your favorite RSS Reader?
  • Lire rss

    The developers is frequently updating and he has fixed bugs I reported. Full text is good and it had caching. However you will have to pay for it.

  • Matt_Glan Matt

    I have family at the heart of everything I do. I believe in personal responsibility, transparency, fairness, and at the foremost developing people.

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