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Ja, es ist ein Schundblatt
  • Das rauchen ein zeichen von emanzipierten frauen ist kommt direkt aus ner amarikanischen werbekampanie von tabakkonzernen.

    Vorher ham sich wie Frauen vor dem Geruch geeckelt (fasst so als wollte uns der körper sagen das es giftig ist).

  • CFCs
  • Oh boy you heavily underestimate the amount and level of bad decision in legacy protokoll. Read up in the toppic. the Date was for a loong time stored as 6 decimal numbers.

  • CFCs
  • debian for example is atm at work recompiling everything vom 32bit to 64bit timestamps (thanks to open source this is no problem) donno what happens to propriarary legacy software

  • CFCs
  • It's called the prevention paradox: It's when an issue is so severe that it is prevented with proactive action, so no real consequenses are felt so people think it wasn't severe in the first place.

  • Witty title
  • Haha, that bison player doesnt even know how wrecked his team is once the hidden "teaching" skill of human players starts to pay off real hard. (credits @ tierzoo yt channel)