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Life doesnt have to be this way
  • everyone here should look at the Venus Project. We keep struggling to understand how automation makes sense in a capitalist society. SPOILER: it doesn't. The entire system has to be re-imagined or we perish and the owners flourish (without us).

  • Life doesnt have to be this way
  • this could be reality right now if we overthrew the owners. who keeps the owners in power? the conservative right. property is an unalienable right to them. what can we do? destroy the conservative right by any means necessary.

  • Pronouns
  • The system I am actually trying to dismantle is what is oppressing these people, not me. I have my sights set on the big targets and find the trans movement to be a divisive distraction. I have sympathy but it's not really my battle. My battle is one that affects all of us, not just some of us.

  • Pronouns
  • guilty as charged. I'm an equal opportunity asshole these days and don't really care. no one is going to help change the things that are important to me, so I'm really not interested in your sad song.

  • Pronouns
  • I like calling everyone Carl, lol.

    IDK, to me it's not that much different than trying to keep someone's religious denomination straight. I really just don't care what particular branch of stupid you're into.

    But hey, that's me, a cys white male living their life oblivious to your personal struggle. Fuck me, am I right? If you want to have a conversation about toppling capitalism, you might get my attention.

  • The Trolley Dilemma, with Conservatives

    The conversation that seems so hard to have:

    We are at a crossroads. One path leads to an eco-dystopia in which most of us become slaves to the 1%, vs. another path that leads to a futurist utopia in which we focus on solutions that benefit all of mankind and all the other lifeforms on the planet.

    It seems like an easy choice except for that 43% of the american population that has been duped into fighting to make sure we end up in the dystopia because jesus and guns or whatever.

    Is this not a simple trolley dilemma? When do we realize that we have to pull the switch? There's a way out of this that most of us don't seem to want to recognize. I've watched politics for over 30 years first person, and I don't see playing the simple democracy game getting us anywhere. I think we need to resort to more despicable measures. Does anyone agree?


    How Do You Possibly Use These Forums For Discussion When

    You can't even speak frankly here. I came to Lemmy because I was tired of being censored by Reddit, but it seems like this place is just as restrictive on speech as Reddit was.

    People, if we are going to talk about systemic change for a better world, violence has to be a tool in the toolbox.


    Try Macrodosing

    i mean, come on, pussies.

    back in the day, i downloaded the manual through a high speed connection. it's been nice navigating my 20's, 30's and 40's using the cheat codes.

    the only times i microdose is when i'm going to be playing music on stage and i want to keep it together. otherwise, i need lke, 2-5 hits to get me where i want to be - entertained. again, i downloaded the manual a long time ago so i just use this shit for fun now. catch up.

    EDIT: lol. god yall are a bunch of losers.