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Israel killed at least 274 Palestinians at the Nuseirat refugee camp during an operation to retrieve 4 Israeli captives. The Biden administration applauded the massacre at Nuseirat refugee camp...
  • Nowhere in my post did I defend Israel. Calling out one side for being horrible doesnt mean I support the other side who is also horrible. But, IDF killing civilians because said civilians are attempting to hide terrorists inside civilian locations is not something I can fault Israel for. Both sides are wrong and both sides deserve to be glass to hell and the territory set up as a monument to human stupidity.

    You also seem to be a massive piece of human garbage that is not worth interacting with. Your entire post history is like a playbook of the mentally deranged. So maybe you should also log the fuck off.

  • Anon is stuck in a rut
  • Get up at 6. Work will 6. 1hr to make dinner. 2 hrs awake with wife. Go to bed at 9. Wake up at 530 and cry for 30 min.

    Rerpeat adinfinium until i finally die. This is no way to live.

  • down?

    Going to post this here. Assuming their server doesn't have to work to post this to the federated section on this server...

    I know the .ml s are having issues because of the government taking over the .ml domain. But what is going on with


    Low Effort Bot Content

    Ok, so I get that there are two views on the success of Lemmy. 1, more content = more views = more users signing up. 2, Quality content = more views = more users signing up.

    I'm firmly in the #2 category myself but I understand the viewpoint of #1 even if I dont agree with it. For some people #1 might cause them to sign up...

    But I dont see how low effort bots creating useless content for content sake is beneficial to this community at all.

    Take this link for example...

    There are hundreds of posts by a youtube crawling bot that just seems to be posting random youtube video links and adding the video title as the post description. Only a handful of the two hundred videos posted have any comments and those are just 1-2 people saying this is useless content.

    Now before anyone jumps in and says, you can just block the bot, or block the community or...

    Yes I could and I will be. But the problem is when someone new comes to lemmy and randomly selects they are going to be inundated with with these low effort no replay video posts and walk away back to reddit.

    I dont know the solution to this either. Obviously someone wants this content since they spent the time to set up a bot and a community and etc. But for the life of me I cant understand why that person wants it.

    The stats for the community are interesting too.

    185 posts, 28 subscribers (probably 28 repost bots) and 4 comments. **4 ** COMMENTS!

    Obviously I'm going to block the community from my feed but It makes for a really bad first time user experience when these bot communities with no interactions are populating the default feed for all new users and guests... Again, I dont know the solution to this either... but it's definitely a problem.