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Biodegrading faster than scrolling.

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Guy who tortured a wolf and paraded it's body around is now receiving death threats
  • That's the thing. He seems pretty normal. Our society and its most basic concept of decency has been decimated to such an extreme. Half of the people in this country may not even blink to an asshole like this torturing an animal for the lulz.

    This coward deserves every possible malfeasance in his life, but unfortunately, we no longer care enough to go beyond feeling nauseated online.

  • Apple is officially dropping iPhone support for web apps in the EU - The Verge
  • That shit brand created a cult for dimwits thinking they are better and smarter than everybody else by becoming platform slaves, and thus be exploited, as their only benefit of their deficiencies and dependency is consumism.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • You have to learn to never hate yourself. If you do, you make the shitty people around you right. We all human are shit in one way or another. But nobody deserves to be treated as if they are shit by default.

    Find a niche where you can belong and become an authority in it. Stop trying to fit. Embrace your nature, and just then, you will find your path.

  • United States | News & Politics Marthirial

    You have 30 days to let 23andMe you don't agree to the new TOS or you won't be able to join class actions after massive data breach.

    Although legal, the time frame and approach seems designed to shield the company from negligence.