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The worst kind of an Internet-herpaderp. Internet-urpo pahimmasta päästä.

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For people who worry about Youtube buffering/skipping issues, it's fixed in Firefox 129, wait for Firefox 127.0.2
  • oh, I've been wondering about this, as I've had occasional youtube-video just enter the infinite buffering. Oddly it has only happened on linux o_O

  • Old but Gold
  • I know Åkerfelt and Abasi, but who are the other two?

  • Heretic - Fully Remastered [Fan made]
  • It looks like a shiny plastic toy.

    I was just about to say exactly this. For some reason the go-to effect seems to always be reflections. Why does everything need to be super glossy? Add lens flares while you're at it, why don't you.

  • Hundreds of thousands of people are now clicking a Banana on Steam [people leave it on, idle, for Steam's gift]
  • I play quite a bit of idlers and clickers, and they're generally quite low on the gameplay department, but this... this just looks minimum effort meme game. Doesn't seem like there's anything more than a click counter and an image of a banana.

    Am I missing something?

  • Does any genre do this better than power metal?
  • how about somewhat proggy folky metal with death/black/power metal thrown in? Moonsorrow. Orchestral... not really, but melodic with mouth harps, fiddles, etc folk instruments & 8-30 min per song, mostly about iron age pagan tribe's battles, lore and life. All of the songs in finnish tho, so some language barrier.

    Other than that, I'd probably go with Avantasia, Rhapsody, and such. Can't beat the classics :)

  • Does any genre do this better than power metal?
  • not really sure what I'd categorize Moonsorrow as... I guess their earlier stuff has "some" overlap with powermetal, but only kinda, mostly about "iron age pagan tribe warfare/battles/life" tho. Albums I'm thinking of are "Voimasta ja Kunniasta" and "Kivenkantaja", the newer stuff starts to veer towards blackmetal and more about death and despair, even if the frame of reference stays same-ish.

  • Nightly build downloads officially only available in discord - New Vegas Reloaded
  • it's like that friends -meme: "repeat after me: discord is not the place for documentation/wiki/distribution", and joey goes "discord is the place for documentation/wiki/distribution".

  • How do you organize your bookmarks?
  • For the most part: Important everyday bookmarks go to the bookmark-toolbar directly, everything else goes to few top-level directories in bookmark toobar: games, software, hardware, wishlist, media, work

    the directories are then further sectioned into subfolders, eg games->gamename and so forth.

    Sometimes I do wish the directories would just automatically alphabetize themselves, but oh well.

  • How did you get out of Vim before you knew its hotkeys and commands?
  • I guess just because how the question was laid out, I'm disqualified as I was taught how to use it the first time I used it. :P

    with my first linux -system, I had an experienced friend to hold my hand while installing, configuring and usage - including vim. So, the first thing he taught me was how to exit it. This was sometime in ... 2003-ish?

  • As a capable but lazy user, how much would switching to Arch frustrate me?
  • if you use the archinstall to setup everything (partitioning, locales, de's, etc), not that much, but def. more than some "everything and the kitchensink straight out of the box" distros. The installer worked nicely on 2 machines I've tested it on, a laptop and a desktop. While the base system and graphical desktop installed nice, there was quite a bit of manual tinkering left.

    But, steam works more or less the same on linux as it works on windows - but there is some proton version selecting, and even then absolutely everything doesn't work.

    Personally, nvidia+wayland (and xwayland in general) is pretty horrid with some games, but supposedly that's supposedly getting fixed next month... It's always something and the fix is so tantalizingly close.

    and, it's not like the EOL for win10 is that close, seems to be October 14, 2025, so there's still plenty of time.

  • Robin In Da Hood [TBA on Steam] [light and humorous take, 3D, top-down single player set in medieval England]
  • looks cool, I'm assuming it's diablo-esque? Consider my interest tickled.

    OTOH: now, I understand this is a me-thing, and totally a peeve, but: - why, WHY, is chromatic aberration (CA for short, TLDR: blue/red colors separating towards the edges of the screen) so prevalent nowadays? It's like the modern-day lensflare, who wants this? It only makes sense if you're simulating a bad camera lens on purpose. Is there supposed to be a drone flying over your character in the game, filming it all? Can it be turned off?

    It's a hard nope for me as far as effects go, my eyes start to hurt due to some strain very quickly if a game uses it. Had it on Outer Worlds (ini-edit removed it, no in-game option. BOO), Cyberpunk (in-game option to disable it, YES!).

  • Microsoft's new Recall AI will take screenshots of everything you do - freaky [Mircosoft: "capabilities to take images of your active screen every few seconds"]
  • obvious privacy concerns aside, who the hell actually needs this?

    If something I do is important enough to remember later, I do save it (bookmark, screenshot, screencast, whatever). This doesn't need to be automated, esp. since it seems to require 25-50 GB of diskspace to do anyway.

    For users, this is a solution seeking for a problem. For megacorpo this is just more data harvesting, even if it's "only local" for now. Hard pass, nopety-nope-nope, also arch btw and so forth.

  • Fallout Series (Why don’t I like it?)
  • "Where's John Connor" - could work :D

  • [ForFreFri] HoloCure - Save the Fans! on Steam
  • Fun tunes, totally jamming these if they'd play in game or whatever situation I might be at (bar, party, whatever), but not really jams I'd specifically seek out to actively listen.

    Still, happy I heard them, the carousel one did bop for me a bit, but .. eh, I dunno. Cool stuff, maybe the overlord algorithm of youtube throws something bit more my jams on the frontpage at some point after going through these! :)


  • [ForFreFri] HoloCure - Save the Fans! on Steam
  • heh, to me vocalist is a percussive instrument. I'm down for anything as long as it flows.. But don't have spotify. But link/recommend me up, my dude.

  • [Music] Darksynth recommendation guide
  • I know I'm way late to this thread, but just gonna drop this artist here, "Access to Arasaka" - obvious cyberpunk (as in, the game, tabletop and otherwise) vibes just for the name. Pretty cool stuff. Can't put a name for the genre really, electronic, kinda ambient/idm?, but that's all I got.

  • [ForFreFri] HoloCure - Save the Fans! on Steam
  • Def worth a try at minimum. Doubly so if you're into the whole animu vtuber thing, or so I hear, so... the usual grain of salt.

    I don't know a thing about these streamers but the game plays fine. Some items require some reading, eg. bouncy balls -weapon scales with the bust size of the lady, cutting board -weapon does the inverse... The game doesn't tell these stats, but the wiki does

  • [ForFreFri] HoloCure - Save the Fans! on Steam
  • This one is pretty fun. Not the most in-depth "vampire survivors" clone out there, but it's silly and free. Plenty of characters to unlock, more gear unlocks with characters but still after 20 ish characters my builds are always the same... Might be doing something wrong.

    Anyhoo, weeaboo af, but fun in short bursts.

  • Ever fancied power washing dreadnoughts, knights and such? (Powerwash Simulator getting WH40k DLC)

    ...Yea I legit got nothing. What a weird concept but... I'm oddly down with it.


    Sometimes lore hits differently

    edit: also, no idea what's going on with the kirby lore, as referred in the comic.


    Capitan's timed automobile aquisitions are kinda, extremely tight?

    So, done several of this carjacking missions now, when they're timed, I usually get within like 200-300m away from the target until time runs out, even if I've literally leaned on the pedal and had straight road with next to no traffic on it.

    I can only assume there are more optimal ways to get to the destination than what the "gps routing" is giving me, unless I just plain old need to "gid gud".

    Give it to me straight, are these just brutally tight timewise or do I just plain suck?

    I wouldn't usually care for optional things, but El capitan berating me each time is getting old.


    So what's the deal with upgrading cyberware and stats going down?

    I have several pieces of cyberware, which when upgraded from tier 5 to 5+, basically all the ... tertiary? stats (the blue ones at the bottom of the item card) go down.

    While it is true that the main feature of the cyberware piece does USUALLY get marginally better, it seems weird that the other stats go down?

    But sometimes it seems to turn worse too, for example Deep-field Visual Interface, got a tier 5 version of it:

    • Crit Chance increases the further you are from the enemy (max. 95% at 90 meters)
    • Cool Attuned: +1% Crit. Damage per Attribute Point

    But when upgraded to tier 5+, the first stat becomes (edit: found a screenshot for this:

    • Crit Chance increases the further you are from the enemy (max. 92% at 95 meters)

    which to me feels just worse, unless I'm completely missing something here. Lower max cc at longer range? Wut?

    What's the dealio? Does the upgrade view not take into account some perks I've selected or something? Or taking them into account wrongly/partially/derp?

    It feels weird to not upgrade my gear because the higher tier item is just worse and I'm swimming in crafting materials.