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What are your tips to wake up quickly ?
  • Always wake up at the same time

  • Can you recommend me a book?
  • I'm currently reading this book "Smart Thinking Skills for Critical Understanding and Writing, Second Edition (Writing & Journalism)" it has been interesting so far

  • Why do carnivorous/predatory animals seem to sleep more than extremely intelligent animals?
  • I think carnivores only get to eat if they hunt something and tend to evolve in a way where moving around consumes a lot of energy since they need to be big/fast/etc

    Dogs are omnivorous and so are we

  • Do you think it's "creepy" for two consenting adults with a large age gap to date?
  • It depends on how big the age gap is, what the power balance is, etc. Like a 18yo with a 28yo is not the same as a 50yo with a 60 yo

  • Red Cross ends blood-donation restrictions that singled out gay and bisexual men
  • Great, now I can move forward with my plan of turning everyone gay by donating blood

  • Now you can block OpenAI’s web crawler
  • This should be opt in

  • So, how many communities have you blocked?
  • I think we need some sort of whitelist instead of a blacklist, it would probably be easier to mantain

  • Putin Signs Gender Reassignment Ban Into Law
  • Cis people: doing whatever they want including things that could be considered inmoral
    Government: that's completely normal
    Trans people: exist
    Government: wait that's illegal

  • Any vertical mice with good sensors?
  • I have the MX vertical and had no issues so far, I don't use it for gaming though just for work 8h a day

  • Any good alternatives to youtube?
  • There is peertube and odysee

  • rule lol
  • lol

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • try a vegetarian diet