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And if not US, it's UK, France or Russia
  • Your comment made me think: Its funny that politicians who promise more strict borders and curtail immigration from Asia also support bombing the heck out of the Middle East.

    Like, you gotta stop at some point and think.. "maybe we should stop being assholes and not plunder natural resources and call people extremist for opposing us"

  • Nuclear push would drag out energy transition, PM warns
  • """

    That’s the trust cost of nuclear power in Australia, not the just the hundreds of billions of dollars in the cost of constructing the reactors more than a decade away … but the danger that another decade of denial prevents the action on climate and investment in energy we need now,” he will say.

    “Australia has every resource imaginable to succeed in this decisive decade: critical minerals, rare earths, skills and space and sunlight, the trade ties to our region.The only thing our nation does not have, is time to waste.”

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    I was onboard with the delay reasoning until he mentioned critical minerals, rare earth as the first 2 examples. That just makes me think he only cares about Industry and Businesses and not the pollution and ecological destruction.

  • Reduction in shipping pollution has increased global warming - Los Angeles Times
  • Warming isn't the only thing to worry about. Pollution needs to be reined in too. So does it really matter that global temps increased in the short term? Dirty emissions contribute to long term global warming. So it's better to curb them at the source than to bet on dodgy carbon capture promises.

  • Our Rishi
  • socialism is well and alive. Companies' unions are quite strong. Rich business owners collude to keep wages low and prices high while gaslighting labourers using inflation and bigotry. There's comraderie among scoundrels, con-artists and slave owners. They are called rich people.

  • How do I not stop feeling like I am doing nothing outside work?

    I am professionally a software developer for 8 years and I simply don't have ideas for personal projects (Can't find any problem that I can fix with programming). At times I feel like that's natural and I shouldn't worry about it. But on the other hand, I do like to imagine having something personal that I can work on so that even if some days on my main job are not satisfying, I can always work on my hobby project and find that missing satisfaction.

    End goal here is obviously to get better sleep as sometimes my mind feels dissatisfied with the day's work.

    Funnily, I day-dream about the idea of already having done the boring parts (simply manifesting a project that already exists) of some personal project and only solving exciting problems in relation to adding a new feature or exciting aspects.

    This creates a problem as I hate staring at a blank file not knowing what to write.