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what's some stuff that costs around 1$ that you would recommend?
  • I went to see King Gizzard recently, earplugs in pocket, and I suppose I never found a moment to stick them in, but I was stood near the front the whole time and I came away with absolutely none of the usual hearing damage. I don't know how they did it, but what a great bunch of lads.

  • Europeans, do you take the train to travel to other countries?
  • I've visited my native England a few times by train from the Netherlands and it's a breeze, but a bit dear if you don't plan it a thousand years in advance. A few months ago I took the sleeper to Vienna and back and it was very good indeed, better than the Caledonian Sleeper I might daresay. I have a medium-long and fairly good anecdote about getting the train to a village in Germany last winter if anyone's interested. I went to see Lightning Bolt in Paris a few years ago and that went swimmingly too. I'd like to go to Spain or Portugal at some point but it's something like 13 hours by train. Oh, and when I lived in the UK, I was working at a train station, so I'd use my staff discount to go quite far afield: I took the train from Liverpool to Lille once with my bike and cycled up to Amsterdam; I took the train once to Luxembourg, then Trier, then Bonn to visit a friend, with a little detour to the bit where Luxembourg, France, and Germany meet (Schengen). It's a nice way to spend a day if you just bring a book or something.

  • Paint a vintage bike or just ride it as is?
  • I bought a vintage racer in 2018 with the intention of fixing it up, repainting it, etc, as it had clearly rusty parts and exposed steel, and I ended up not bothering for one reason or another, but it was every bit as zippy and manoeuvrable when I had an accident on it last year that meant I had to chuck it in the tip. I shouldn't brag or whatever but I remember this little speed counter thing saying I was breaking the limit a few minutes before the crash.

  • Anon watches some old and new movies
  • I went to see a film with my mate just last week at the pictures, and I ended up needing the foreign subtitles, so after it had finished I turned to him and said "could you hear a fucking word any of them were saying?" he said "I was going to say that!" This was the film: so there are parts where I assume you're supposed to be seeing things through her eyes and she's all discombobulated, but then why have subtitles if that's the case?

  • Are niche pillows and cases worth it?
  • I remember once looking over my sister's shoulder while she was on MSN messenger and a mutual friend chose that moment to confess (via MSN messenger) that he fucked pillows for practice.

  • Anon tries to keep his hands busy
  • This motherfucker when their wife tells them about their day: there was no beginning, middle, or end; the climax wasn't revealed in chronological order; the hero is clearly a Mary-Sue...

  • Human rulesources
  • I'm fairly good at thinking up insulting nicknames, but I only ever give them to people above me in the work hierarchy. A boss where I currently work is called Jan, and he's always fucking whinging about one thing or another, so I call him Jankerd (crybaby). A boss I had last year was called Onno, and he was fucking disorganised, so I called him Onnoverzichtelijk (disorganised). One of the managers there was a fucking idiot but he always walked around like the cock of the walk, so I called him Schaakduif (chess pigeon). His name was Abel so I'd also call him Incapabel. There was a lad there called Pepijn who I called Hoofdpijn (headache) for a laugh once or twice. You have to make your fun where you can, sometimes.

  • I'm mildly proud of how I categorise my games on Steam and interested to see others' methods

    They're in order of likelihood of being played. Craig is a mate of mine who I play with when time permits.


    Vegan Horeca & Food NL

    We hebben een groepsappje aangemaakt voor mensen die in plantaardige keukens, bars, bakkerijen, productiekeukens enz. in Nederland werken. Stuur ff een privébericht als je wil meedoen!

    We've set up a Whatsapp group for people who work in plant-based kitchens, bakeries, production kitchens, etc. in the Netherlands. DM if you want to join!


    Two amateurish questions

    • Is it possible to use a hosting service I'm already paying for ( and a domain I've already bought to host a Mastodon/Pixelfed instance? All the websites that encourage me to selfhost advertise a new hosting service to me with the price in dollars.
    • Furthermore, is it possible to start an account on this instance that can be followed via either Mastodon or Pixelfed and vice versa, or are they just unrelated? I can see accounts from on my Mastodon Android app and I know you can post to Lemmy via Mastodon but I'm unsure on how it goes the other way.

    Sorry if I've made your eyes roll but we all shat green once.

    Edit: very happy with the responses, thanks all.


    To those with English as a second language: are people actively being taught that a short A should be pronounced as a short E?

    Just wondering because I hear a lot of non-native speakers say things like "bend" instead of "band" and I find it a bit puzzling since native speakers don't say it that way (except in New Zealand and maybe London I suppose? Not sure) and many languages have the usual A-sound that I and many others use ( so it's not like it's difficult to pronounce. I've also seen it mentioned on that a particular word with an A is pronounced with an E "like in English" ("Bovendien spreek je app in het Nederlands nog enigszins op z’n Engels uit: als ‘ep’.": Actually I find myself quite often not understanding Dutch people speaking English if they do it.

    The other explanations would be that people can't get their mouths around the short A in standard American and learnèd English Englishes ( or that people have just sort of collectively, subconsciously decided to start saying it that way, or something else I haven't thought of. Maybe because the name of the letter A in English is more or less the same as the letter E in others?


    Ruben Bolling's comic strip from 12th Sept 2001 Ruben Bolling 🪲 (@[email protected])

    Attached: 1 image Here is that first comic I did after the attacks. I had a job in the World Financial Center and had to escape the financial district on that day. It's hard to convey my emotions as I reluctantly and resentfully cast about for comic ideas and came up with this.

    Ruben Bolling 🪲 (

    It sort of reads like a surrealist antijoke through modern eyes.

    Ask Women MadBob

    What to do if you don't feel listened to at work?

    I'm a man myself, but I'm a foreigner where I live and work, so I sometimes get the impression that my intelligence is a bit underestimated by employers and coworkers. I'm a sous chef, so in a management position, and I often get this feeling like the chef de cuisine, the owner, and sometimes some of the cooks aren't listening to me. Like I'll have to reiterate my point two or even three times at a meeting before I get a relevant answer, or I'll send a memo out and the changes I've instated aren't being adopted after the fact, or someone I'm talking to might vacantly say "yes" as if they're occupied with something else.

    Yesterday I asked the chef a question about a recipe that only he could answer and he said I could google it. I'd already googled it just to be sure, wouldn't you know. The day before, the owner told a cook, who then told me, that we all together were planning to put all delivery receipts in a neat little box and adopt a system to check they're correct, but I'd already done it alone a week earlier, and told them all about it, with photos and everything. I feel like I'm going mad.

    I hear that this is a (more) common experience for women, so I wonder if any of you have any tips or tricks or whatever to make yourself heard, or to at least cope with not being heard, or even just a bit of commiseration is fine. Cheers!