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When is it "enough" money?
  • Everyone is here talking about how no money is enough and everyone is really greedy, but I'm not so sure. Have a look at modern philosophies around financial planning and you will find a TON of people living within their means and using their financial wealth to live closer to their values. The FIRE movement and "Finding and funding a good life" come to mind.

  • If Thrift Stores sold food, what would they sell?

    The first thing that comes to mind is a big plastic bin filled with burnt burgers for 4 for a dollar.

    Edit: I guess I was thinking more prepared/restaurant food.


    No posts?

    First achievement, stomp a goomba in Mario bros.


    What financial services do you use?

    I'm curious what products and services everyone uses. I like trying out new services, but it seems like the big banks are pretty effective at squashing competition.

    I'll go first: Chequing - BMO Savings - Wealthsimple Investing - Questrade with Passiv Credit cards - BMO, Costco, Amazon

    I have tried Brim (credit card) and Koho (kind of a chequing account), but eventually dropped them because they couldn't effectively replace BMO.

    I'm interested to know everyone's experiences with their banks and other financial service providers.

    Edit: This thread has been amazing! Thanks for all the replies!


    This sub is entirely CBC

    Why is this sub just CBC news stories? Does a bot add them all? They are mostly empty with no comments. Makes for a strange feed.

    Edit: I think I just need to figure out which way to sort my feed. Sorting by hot gives me almost all CBC.

    Edit 2: CBC is great. I am commenting on the state of c/Canada, not the quality of CBC