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Yes, yes we do.
  • I met my wife in 2011, just before Tinder got big in our area. I remember our single friends being ecstatic when Tinder was first around, saying about how easy it was to meet people.

    Many of them are still single and now well into their 30's. They talk a lot about wanting to find someone special, but they just swipe and swipe and swipe all day to no avail. Shit's bleak out there. And I just know that if I didn't meet my wife I'd probably be stuck in the same rut.

  • the mods have gone psycho over at reddit
  • On one thread there were a bunch of creeps making pervy jokes about a 14 year old girl. I called them out for being pedophiles and reported them. I got banned from an entire network of default subs.

  • I have to teach my daughter different things than my son
  • To summarise the discourse:

    • The artist makes boring unfunny comics and posts them to Reddit.

    • The comics always seem to have tons of upvotes, every time.

    • People question why they are allegedly so popular when they are boring and accuse her of buying upvotes.

    • Artist then responds with misandrist drama comics about how all these evil men are out to get her.

    • Everything becomes toxic as incels come out of the woodwork to attack her and feminists defend her comics in response.

    • Everyone is too busy with their upvote/downvote wars to remember that the comics are actually garbage.

  • Zionist Karen
  • Even though the removal of the state of Isreal would mean the ethnic cleansing / genocide of millions of Jews?

    Israel isn't going anywhere. Many Arabic countries have already successfully completed the total eradication of all Jews within their populations, so they need somewhere to call home.

    Oh by the way, the original Arabic translation of "To the river to the sea" ends with "Palestine will be Arab." They just changed it in English.