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A lesbian couple was brutally beaten by group of men in Halifax. Police still haven't filed charges
  • Just because it was the dominant religion in Germany at the time doesn't mean that Nazism equated with religiosity. In fact, Hitler did not like religion being a potential rival to his power. The Nazi doctrine was very humanist, and drew,a lot of influence from science at the time. For example, the survival of the fittest mantra that had been popularized from Darwin's studies was misappropriated by Nazi as part of their eugenics philosophy..

  • Cate Blanchett, like most Australians, thinks she’s middle class. An expert on class explains why that matters
  • Your assumption and conclusion is incorrect based on my experience. Why do you think people with personality disorders disproportionately populate executive positions in corporations? Why are sociopaths great surgeons? Look at rates of alcoholism and suicide amongst professions, and then tell me if those rates support your conclusion that mental health issues amongst those who make money is an outlier.

  • Cate Blanchett, like most Australians, thinks she’s middle class. An expert on class explains why that matters
  • Some of that isn't a choice. I know Bond traders that make millions a year, but are constantly overextended financially because, really, they are addicts. They have to take risks at all times... It's a compulsion like any other addiction.

  • It Do Be Like That
  • What fucking movement? I ask a simple question and you evade, project, and dissemble. If a simple question causes you to react so aggressively, maybe that's evidence you need to reevaluate. Good luck.

  • The state of things
  • My state'a standardized test says kids are "at risk" if they aren't in the top 40% of the test. The top 50% could all be traditional "a-b" students. But because they weren't in the top 80% of a-b students they are at risk for failing academically.... It's so asinine and disheartening. The last half of the year is devoted to this idiotic test. Kids could be learning stuff that will enrich themselves... Instead they are learnig how to take a test better.

  • It Do Be Like That
  • The only one acting in bad faith has been you. Your avoidance of the question leads me to believe that you admit that thousands of children have been killed by Israelis in Gaza. That is, unless you want to point me to a source that says otherwise.

  • It Do Be Like That
  • I'm not trolling. I asked a question that you are afraid to answer. Thou doth protest..... I've not expressed an ideology. I've asked a question. You should typically be wary of those afraid of questions and their answers (that is an ideology).

  • It Do Be Like That
  • I'm just asking for evidence that thousands of children weren't killed. The fact that you seemed threatened by the question and defensive tells me a lot about you and your position. Thanks

  • Great game tonight by the vols

    Absolute dominance over ole miss starting with 5 min to go in the first half.

    Any vol fans still on lemmy?