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This is not a record to be proud of.
  • Why does it look like Nic Cage

  • May the force...
  • Rooster fighting

  • Originality Rule
  • Dang, i think i discovered a new meme!

  • Selective Autism
  • Me when people start pointing to show me where something is. Stop pointing, actually tell me where it is

  • Power Puff Rule
  • He wants kids because he wants to be a dad

  • Removal of piracy communities
  • Permanently Deleted

  • rulehole loophole
  • na, im in a cycle of downloading it and deleting it lol

  • rulehole loophole
  • I like playing that game :}

  • pov living in a car centric rule
  • We have jeepneys and the occasional bus where im at

  • rule
  • Whenever I see memes like these i always wonder why people don't remember surrogacy

    But then i remember the fact that parts of surrogacy are incredibly shit so nvm

  • Flag mashup rule
  • You could make your own if you want

  • the two rules

  • date idea
  • Hand in unlovable hand

  • Someone call the PETA folk
  • Isnt torn a web browser game, whys it on there

  • Protection Rule
  • Adoption conversation starter

  • Never gonna give you up with a boner
  • Chronic wasting disease with a boner

  • Grass rule
  • Why would you remind me of this

  • MECHAGIC IRL cockroach

    Real Life Cockroach

    I mainly post my dogs here

    My neocities website

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