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Aum Shinrikyo
  • There is a book by Haruki Murakami called Underground that is a bunch of interviews with people who survived the sarin gas attack in Tokyo. It's OK but the thing I found interesting was a lot of people didn't realise what had happened and continued on to work rather than hospitals. I can understand three was a lot of confusion and chaos when it happened. It reads though as if Japanese people where like not going to let a sarin gas attack stop them from getting to work. It kind of made me angry and frustrated I don't think I finished that book. Destroying the world to save it a good read if your interested in the topic though.

    Aum bought a farm in Western Australia in 90s they flew in with a lab setup and where testing sarin on sheep. That farm also had a fair bit of uranium on it too. There was a seismic event that hasn't really been able to be explained that happened in the same area at the around the same time. It's sort of a local conspiracy that it was Aum testing nuclear weapons. One of their plans to bring about a global apocalypse was to obtain nukes to trigger seismic events that would destroy the world.

  • Google to build first subsea fiber-optic cable connecting Africa with Australia
  • I'm in Perth where this cable will go. We do occasionally play with Chinese players it's happened in a few games not a lot though. It's mostly SEA players. WA is in this weird spot for gaming because all of the game companies put there servers in melb or sydney and we get shafted on ping. Because of the time difference if you play late at night and there aren't enough players you often get pushed to SEA servers. We get a lot of Indos and Singaporeans on our servers too. Will be interesting to see if we end up playing with more Saffas.

  • As silicosis cases rise, architects reconsider engineered stone
  • Australia banned engineered stone recently. A lot of manufacturers had air quality checks ppe the whole lot and where doing it right but as always there where others who didn't care or didn't enforce safety. Since being banned we've seen a lot not all of the stone suppliers come out with low silica variants of their stone and a move to more porcelain tops.

    I didn't like the idea of the ban for the reason that everyone is being punished rather than the government doing its job and punishing / shutting down rogue operators. Ultimately though it's been a slight inconvenience and it seems to have ended up with a better situation for the workers so I guess it's a good thing.

  • Play GB games
  • I just did something similar. I got given my childhood DMG after my mum found it when moving. It would turn on but the screen was broken. I used this screen and this tutorial. You will have to solder the speaker to the new board.

    The screen works great now and is backlit. I also bought a $20 copy of tetris to test it. I then bought a flash cart for it. I have the EZ FLASH jnr. Works fine and it saves games. Has a real time clock which you want for pokemon I think.

    The only thing I would say is doing the screen modification was annoying. I went back to funny playing and bought the case and parts they have that fit the screen. It's in the mail atm.

    I also bought a pack of 4 eneloop batteries and a charger. I considered the clean juice xl battery mod but I don't think I'll use it that much.

    I might do a sound mod to it at some point the headphone jack has a lot of hiss. Might just need to replace some caps.