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Jesus rule
  • It's astonishing how pretty much everything distasteful in the new testament comes from Paul. If you took him out you'd lose 70% of the story but it would be so much more palatable as a religious text

  • Big if true; better than all the dentists named Dennis
  • Much as its nice to draw comparisons to modern politics. Im given to understand that modern scholarship doesn't agree. The romans killed jesus for breaking roman law (claiming to be/being perceived as the ruler of a roman province). Blame was later shifted to jews because Christianity was being preached to a Roman audience who wouldn't want to see themselves as the bad guys.

  • Two walls, no problems
  • Main thing to remember with this story is that its Ceaser's own account of what happened, written specifically to mythologize himself. It's guaranteed that he's lying, it's guerenteed that it didnt happen like this. The only real question is whether he's lying because it was a much harder fight and he wants to seem stronger, or whether it was a much easier fight and he wants his opponent to seem stronger.

    Edit: apologies for the hasty, under-researched comment. I went into a momentary anti-roman fugue state.

  • Anon wants to be a vampire
  • People have more or less completely forgotten that vampires are meant to represent the monstrosity of an unchecked aristocracy/wealthy upper class. They sold their souls for power and now live exclusively by feeding off those beneath them. You don't just 'become' a vampire like you don't just 'become' rich. You can certainly become enthralled to a vampire though

  • Anon doesn’t like Elden Ring
  • I have often likened Fromsoft and Bethesda in the way that while Bethesda outsources their bug fixing to the community, Fromsoft outsources their story to the community. In both cases the community adds more than there really is and acts like the developer earned the credit.

  • The Taliban has increased the flogging of women. This brutality will not end unless the international community holds the Taliban accountable.
  • "Human rights advocates across the world note that religious justification, especially one that has no legitimate basis in Quran, does not excuse the brutal treatment of women and human rights violations."

    Unfortunately the Quran includes plenty of justification for the abuse of women. In at least one surah its outright ordered by god. One of the main problems the quran faces as a religious text is that it is meant to be the literal words of god and cannot be re-interpreted as a human opinion or mistranslation. Some very bad things are stated as direct moral imperatives given by the creator of the universe.

  • It's okay, Buddy
  • The thing i always think about is that qoute from Virginia Wolfe where she likens the writing to a schoolboy doing stunts for the sake of getting attention. I remember thinking that was exactly how it felt while I was reading Ulysses, it felt like a highschool creative writer mashing things together without considering whether it was actually good or not.

    However im not going to sit here and pretend im an objective critic. The book is obviously famous and important for a reason. I'm interested to know how it saved your life, if you feel like sharing

  • It's okay, Buddy
  • You know how when you're studying literature you're generally supposed to assume that everything is intenional and there's nothing just thrown in for no reason ... Well when you read Joyce, it's really really hard not to feel like he's just doing things for the sake of being pretentious and obtuse.