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Has anyone here ever tried Linux From Scratch?
  • I ran it as my primary distro on my main machine for a while way back when. I don't recommend that.

    What I do recommend is going though the entire process even if it's just in a VM. It's incredibly educational and will teach you a ton about Linux and OS construction in general. I used to recommend it to everyone I was teaching linux/ Unix too and all the students who actually went through it and completed it now have successful IT careers. 100% an incredibly valuable teaching resource, you will look at all OS's with new eyes after you've built one bit by bit from source by hand.

  • Modern alternatives to FreeIPA
  • I prefer FreeLager myself.

  • George Takei was on Colbert yesterday
  • For real? That's hilarious.

  • ‘Section 31’ Movie Director Says It’s A “Different” Star Trek + New Character Details Revealed
  • Translation: it's another formulaic action film with a Star Trek coat of paint.

  • A very thorough investigation that has found no evidence of foul play.
  • Exceptionally top notch star trek meme meme. 👌

  • You Trekkies sure are a contentious bunch
  • You've just made an enemy for life!

  • What Do People Think of Apple's Vision Pro Headsets?
  • Thank you very much for your thoughtful and detailed replies, it is much appreciated. This headset finally makes some kind of sense for what it is.

  • What Do People Think of Apple's Vision Pro Headsets?
  • Ok cool, if I may take a swing at summarizing what you said?

    What you are really talking about are the potential applications of AR (Augmented Reality), which I will totally agree with, that is a future state that is coming, unfortunately those apps mostly don't exist for the consumer space yet, but they will.

    The apple headset being the first commercially available headset that does AR well.

  • What Do People Think of Apple's Vision Pro Headsets?
  • What would you use it for? Honest question.

    I can't see using it for work. Writing a long email with an onscreen keyboard is not realistic.

    It doesn't really play games.

    So it's for watching YouTube on your face? I have a TV and couch that do that, and a phone in my pocket 24/7 that will do that. I honestly can't figure out the use case.

  • With AI looming, is there still space for new coders?
  • Thank you for not being the rare rational outlook on AI and buying into the AI fear mongering, or the AI hype train.

    AI is the new auto hammer, it can do things faster and sometimes better. Why you can build a house faster and with less effort! Or you can bash someone's skull in faster and with less effort! It's just a new tool we can use, for better or for worse, like every other new tool before it.

  • Charles 'Save the booze' Tucker
  • My man right there.

  • Pouring one out for my boy Ingenuity
  • No, it flew, no roads, it was most definitely not, a long road getting from there to here.

  • I refuse to believe math on this one
  • Oh wow, I totally missed it yesterday.

    Edit: Perhaps it would have been best if I had missed this one entirely..

  • He was a hero, we just couldn't see it...
  • This is a great take on a very subtle moment with an underappreciated character.

  • is gone
  • Wow! That's amazing, let me try ************* Did that show up for you?

  • Especially this meme
  • Even if that was the original intention, it turned out to be a great benefit to him personally, so if that's what it was supposed to be, then I guess the jokes on them 😀

  • Testing Data

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