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Luminia Luminia

Heya! It’s nice to meet you! I’m a trans woman who isn’t in the right place to hatch yet but I’m still happy to be a part of the community! She/They

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It's Rulesday
  • I love this little dog! Glad to see they’re back after taking a break last week.

  • Haiii pets! :3 CW possessiveness
  • Deal! purrs happily :3

  • Maybe-un-doomy update (or, "A crab is making me post!")
  • Thrilled to hear things are looking better! I wish you only the very best from here on out! I believe in you, Keris! You’ve got this! Also, enjoy that nap, you’ve earned it! 🩷

  • How's your week been?
  • I hope so as well! I’m not on HRT quite yet (though I do want to start it) so I’ve been trying to do some small things here and there until I can start HRT. I hope all goes well with trying out your makeup and finding your style! I’m sure you’ll look absolutely fabulous in it!🥰

  • How's your week been?
  • Pretty good actually! While I was alone I tried on some makeup for the first time! Not too much as it was just a bit of lipstick but after putting it on I felt so happy I almost cried! I wish I could’ve kept it on longer but I was afraid of being caught with it on so I washed it off after admiring it for a little while. Beyond that I finally decided to make an account after lurking for a while and I’m really happy about getting to join this marvelous community! 😊

  • Happy transgender day of visibility!
  • Happy Trans Day of Visibility! I hope everyone has an absolutely spectacular day! You’re all amazing people! 🎉🏳️‍⚧️💕

  • I'm a trans girl 🏳️‍⚧️ !!
  • Yay! I’m really happy for you! It’s wonderful to be able to like yourself so congratulations on that! 🩵🩷🤍🩷🩵