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Bartender’s Ownership Switcharoo
  • Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention! I recently upgraded a 10 year old device with a Macbook (first time owner!) and was not impressed with how MacOS operates. Cue to me installing things like Swipe, Bartender, etc. I would have kept happily updating this program without your bringing it to my attention, so THANK YOU!

  • Windows Aero
  • I remember being a young dumb kid and downloading a program that would turn my Windows XP theme into a Vista theme. It worked, but I didn't understand at the time that my computer was way too crappy to even think about running something like that. Good times, man.

  • I feel no remorse about save scumming in video games
  • YES! I was going to say WeMod, but chose cheats instead, because some games I play require Cheat Engine since WeMod doesn't have the cheats I'm looking for. Sometimes, Cheat Engine also has more options, and can always be used to make your own.

  • I feel no remorse about save scumming in video games
  • I play games with cheats so that I don't have to struggle getting materials, or other annoying things that games do to pad out time. I play games within a small time frame, therefore, I do not want to spend the little bit of time I do have doing mind-numbingly boring shit, and get back to having actual fun. :)

  • A myopia epidemic is sweeping the globe
  • Exactly! I used to work manual labor, and finally found a job that I can actually get through a day without aching or wishing I was dead. Don’t knock on office work, because there are plenty of worse jobs that can be had!

  • Update: IRS successfully launches their own free Direct File - now ALL of my fellow 'murcans are eligible for 2025
  • I looked it up, and there is an article from the end of last year that says they are about to be required or are already required.

    I can't recall ever putting my license on one of these tax preppers, but I am also older and more privacy concerned in my older age, so I would definitely not do it now.

  • A cool guide The Decline of the Simpsons
  • I mean, anything above a 5 is above average?

    1 - Don't even waste your time
    2 - Really really bad
    3 - Has some good things, but mostly bad
    4 - Fell flat quite a lot, but still enjoyable
    5 - Mid/Average
    6 - Decent
    7 - Pretty good
    8 - Good
    9 - Great
    10 - Masterpiece

    So, from my list, it looks like it's been consistently okay, which is what I would expect from a show that has run as long as it has!

  • Seeing a lot of this lately...
  • I don't give a flying fuck about changing anyones mind any more. If you actively lived through the awful Trump years, you don't need your fucking mind changed. Most of those "third of voters" are a lost cause, so I do not give a fuck about trying to get them to maybe open their eyes just a little bit.

    Also, yes, I'm sure the "economic realities" really matter to those voters when this is who they will allow back into office.

  • Floorp, a Firefox derivative

    Hey, everyone!

    Whether you have heard about it or not, there is a Firefox derivative that is called Floorp. It is made by a community of Japanese devs.

    I started looking for these kind of Firefox projects, because of the many kinds of Chromium types. I’ve been using it for awhile, and have enjoyed the features (after a bit of customization to my preferences) that it offers.

    I also use a CSS theme that is compatible with Floorp that is called Shina-Fox. I’ll post the links below for you to try if you think it’s interesting!

    (PS. You can change the icon that is included with Shina-Fox by renaming an icon that you prefer, make a copy, and rename them dark and light. PPS. You might also need to move your taskbar icons around, but that was probably just a me error because I was aggressive on how my original taskbar looked)

    Let me know what you think!


    Beat the game!

    I don’t know how to do the spoiler stuff, if it’s even possible on Voyager, so please be aware of SPOILERS!!!

    So, this weekend, I finally beat the game. I clocked in at 123 hours, and did as many side quests as I could. Wyll’s sidequest was the only one that got borked for me, and I missed out on his and Karlach’s exchange after the final boss.

    So, I did two different endings because I wanted to see the outcomes. For further backstory, I played the game as a good guy (my true role playing pleasure, since I can’t save the world/people in real life like I can in games) and saved every single person the game allows you too. Every. Single. One.

    Now, the endings. Again, please be aware of SPOILERS!!!

    I did the bad ending first, because my curiosity got the best of me. I killed Orpheus, who was in his Illithid form, while he was focusing on the brain. My character stabs Orpheus to death (quite gruesomely) while my party members (who I remind you, have watched me ONLY do good guy things for our entire journey!) are freaking out and even Astarion asking “What in the hells are you doing?!” “I’m doing what I planned to do from the beginning.” Is how I answered. The scene goes on to show my character snapping his fingers and turning my entire party into thralls, and claiming the Absolute’s Throne. When he sits down, he is smiling in a way I hadn’t seen the entire game. He looked menacing, and pure evil. As he sits atop his new throne, he looks into the camera and says, “In my name.” As I had done nothing the entire game but challenge the gods and their chosen, because gods and devils play too much with mortal lives.

    This ending, was actually weirdly REALLY satisfying. I spent the entire game being THE good guy. THE champion. I saved countless souls. My entire party had nothing but faith in me. I successfully took every member of my party through their entire arc (except Wyll, damn bugs!) and gained both adoration and respect from every single one. What did they, and the rest of Faerun get for their loyalty, support, and adoration? Thralls. Every. Single. One. It was such a twist to even myself that I was in awe, and was excited to get my good guy ending!

    So, I reloaded my quick save at the final options and did the good ending. While it gave some slight satisfaction, I can’t help but feel like the evil ending was way more interesting. While I’d still choose the good guy way always, it was quite fun they allowed me to subvert all expectations and pull an M. Night Shyamalan and give myself a twist ending.

    Fantastic game, and I hope some of you will even regale me with your own stories you made in game! Thank you for coming to my TED Talk. Good day. 🙏🏻