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Chat control vote postponed: Huge success in defense of digital privacy of correspondence!
  • I kind of followed Ylva Johansson on this issue and more. I am 100 % sure that what she was saying and what she belived is completely different. She is smart. She was also completely destroyed when confronted with IT security people. She is really in the pocket. Anyryone with some opsec knowledge knows it is nothing about child porn, there are millions of ways to distribute that shit either way

  • Probably a stupid question, but what can I do to 'degoogle' a Google Pixel 8?
  • As alredy mentioned, but also install wise , very easy compared to installing twrp and Micro-g etc. Also Installing GOS and sandboxed playstore in main profile, hand it to someone completely oblivious and they will have no problems using it as they would normally do on stock. Learning to use it in separate profiles is just a matter of getting used to it.

  • what OS should I use instead of xubuntu?
  • PeppermintOS everything you need and nothing you don't. Debian based with extra on top. Runs on 2gb ram , fast. Click install and setup but all the terminal stuff you want.since everyone mentions mint , it was a while since I used it. Felt bloated , perhaps better now. I stil say peppermint even for someone coming directly from Windows

  • Pixel 8A and Grapheneos
    1. That makes no sense.
    2. Vanadium have a different approach than trying to block it , blend in instead.
    3. Gecko based browser have crap sandboxing
    4. Again if you have 1 problem adding 1 more makes 2 problems.
  • Pixel 8A and Grapheneos
  • It's only an attack surface minimation , security is better on new generations. I use all since I am in the middle of nowhere. If you don't need it disable it, otherwise let it be

  • Pixel 8A and Grapheneos
  • I used adguard.dns before now I have VPN that have DNS filter. Disabling 2-3g minimize attack surface but just a small thing use 3 g if you need it. You can use both private DNA in settings and a free VPN if you want.

  • Pixel 8A and Grapheneos
  • Start with the basics. Use a VPN preferable a good one payed in crypto /XMR or cash. Use Foss apps only check out F-droid.

    Also one that blocks malware and ads. If not use adguard.dns or other that filter traffic

    Settings , disable 2-3 G if you always have access to 4-5 G .

    Don't change add browsers use vanadium. No gapps obviously.

    The more challenging is to just use it as WiFi phone without SIM.

  • Are there any EV cars without any "technology"?
  • You should probably mention your jurisdiction ,but I'm in EU and have a Dacia , pretty goood lack of stupid/unnecessary features and the console is mostly optional to use. Physical buttons for important stuff and music/calls. Mine is a LPG/gasoline hybrid but most is similar to the EV models.

    Least bad in Mozillas privacy review as well. Plenty of electronics still ofc it is needed in any car today EV or not.

  • sim card from Ebay , bad idea?

    ordered a new phone so I wanted a new SIM for a clean slate. My country require KYC for SIM cards. So i ordered this I see now that the card is being shipped from Israel.

    (I'm in another EU country)

    Cloning, swapping etc , how bad idea was this on a scale from 1-10? Even if the package is unbroken , I assume someone with physical access (and resources) can do a lot of stuff?

    Miss being able to go get one from the corner store. But idea was to load it up by cash bought giftcards.

    Also played with the idea of getting a gl-inet portable router and skip SIM card in phone but it is quite a bit of hassle to have another device to maintain and carry...