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Why are so many big-city condos sitting empty? | About That (12:18 video)
  • According to the video, the places aren't being built to be attractive to live in but to be cheap upfront investments for landlords (so not just small but crappy layouts and quality overall), and the majority of said landlords are "middle class" (their words) couples rather than large companies.

  • Breaking Rules to Create Better Apartments | About Here
  • Saw this vid earlier today! It's like an extension of that earlier one that also touched on the dual stairwell issue (though I believe the containing video was about something else). But yeah, it'd be nice to see more nuanced conversation about these topics in more places.

  • Israel denies link to Islamophobic campaign in Canada
  • My first thought before reading was that it's a shame of course, but not a surprise. While reading, I didn't see (or missed?) if charges are going to be laid in this case. Maybe they're just gathering info on who to charge? Surely there have to be existing laws that suffice.

    I tried to find where Haaretz wrote about STOIC (as referenced in this article), and instead came across an article about STOIC having had a campaign to influence lawmakers. (It's paywalled, but the comments section is interesting.) There's also a headline off that page about a march of nationalist Israelis through "the Palestinian area of Jerusalem," chanting:

    warning - antagonistic and hate-filled words

    "Death to Arabs."

  • Favorite arc?
  • Pre-Time Skip: Water 7/Enies Lobby - entirely for the full package of great story (crazy lows and highs!), worldbuilding, and character development.

    Post: Whole Cake and Wano (*Wano would win for me if pacing at Onigashima didn't detract so heavily.)

    I'm all about having as many possible avenues of goodness as possible, so good in-arc characters, worldbuilding and lore, and story intrigue come first for me.

    Next is uniqueness of presentation style. This is high in both WCI and Wano in particular. It's the least important to me, but all else being equal (or better), the higher animation budgets and special soundtrack additions for both arcs definitely didn't hurt.

    Egghead has its own cute style (and colour palette) too but it's mostly just like the manga and only the animation stands out for me, so not much to say there yet. Even for someone like me who hasn't cared to pay close attention to animation quality in the past, I'm starting to feel spoiled by the attention to detail at a lot of key points, though.

    (I would have liked to include Dressrosa as there's much to love there, but its downsides are too strong for me.)

    *edit: I thought you were only asking anime, lol. For manga, my fave is Egghead for now. Wild situation and insane stakes!

  • If cats could talk, would we expect them to work and contribute to society?
  • We all like to joke about cats leeching but they're definitely not Capitalist. They're hunter gatherers for whom the concept of hoarding resources doesn't exist. To them, when there's plenty, you vie for it all within the social group (seems there are hierarchies?) and no one has to go hungry and there's no waste (including wasted energy). This also preserves plenty of leisure and social time.

    If raised in an environment where it makes sense to hunt and you encourage them to do so, they'll happily contribute what they believe to be palatable food. If left alone, reasonably fit cats can fend for themselves too if necessary.

    They'll take what shelter they get and bury their waste so it can fertilize the ground.

  • ‘It’s not vital to spend five days a week in the office’: the bank boss who works from home
  • Interesting. I was talking about the industry (as confirmed in the article), but you made me interested in what his commute time might be. If the sites I checked are right, it's a 4-hour non-stop drive or 2h45m by train from Harrogate to London. Obviously there are going to be factors other than commute convenience, but that's pretty high on most people's priority list, along with cost for people who aren't paid >$3m/yr. (I wish I could say emissions were an important factor for most people but even among wealthy people who have the most freedom of choice, it's clearly not.)

    The 10% statistic is also interesting but not surprising. Hypothetically if all workers in fields where physically being there isn't essential had the WFH option, there would have to be at least a few who would prefer to be there in person. Even in North America where commutes are among the worst, there are still those who prefer on-premises work.

  • ‘It’s not vital to spend five days a week in the office’: the bank boss who works from home
  • Regnier still works from home one to two days a week, and has been even more lenient with Santander’s 19,000 UK staff, with office-based workers only expected to be onsite two days a week.

    “I don’t think it’s absolutely vital that people spend all five days a week in the office as they did pre-Covid,” Regnier says from his sixth-floor office near Euston station in London. “And, actually, had it not been for Covid, I wouldn’t have accepted this job, because I wouldn’t have wanted to be away from home five days a week in London. That wouldn’t have been good for the family or for me.”

    This has helped Regnier, who is paid £3.3m to run the UK’s fifth-largest bank, gain a reputation as an “approachable” boss, according to a former colleague

    Nobody should be paid that much but he's an outlier for the industry in allowing hybrid work at least.